I have detailed all means to get every secret in this D-Mod, and how to achieve the 5/5 ranking by the end of the game.


After the intro sequence your game begins outside Dink's house. Travel west a few screens and you'll arrive in the first village. Go to the building that's marked with a beer pint sign, and go downstairs. Dink will automatically have a short chat with the two drunks Michel and Herby. Leave the tavern and talk with the guard by the fence in the northernmost part of the village. Go inside the house west of the tavern and talk with the man wearing blue.

Now run back to the tavern and talk with Herby and Michel again - choose the bottom answer and then the first one. Michel will run off the scene, and after you talk to the guard by the fence once more he will leave his post, and you'll be free to proceed to the next village.

There is a strength potion hidden among some trees two screens north and one screen east of the first village. Pick it up before heading on.


From the first village, head northwest and you'll come by a save machine. Be sure to save your game here! Continue west and a lady in a blue dress will stop you and when you choose the first option, she will automatically take you to the other side of the village where you must fight your way through a special combat sequence.

Your goal here is to avoid getting hit by the monsters, and circle around them so that they will hit each other. Every monster that is killed has 50% chance of dropping a recovery heart. Boncas and grey boncas both drop small hearts which heal 3 HP, and slayers drop large hearts which heal you completely. There are four waves of monsters in total. During the last one, be careful in the beginning not to get hit by the two grey boncas charging at you - you can avoid them by running down and left immediately as the fight starts.

Once you've completed this action sequence, Anjelita tells that you need to meet the mayor of this village. He can be found in the building with a sword sign. Talk to him and he'll give you a strength increase, then go to the house opposite of his to witness a small scene between Anjelita and Jerald. You will get kicked out. Now you have to visit any screen that has a wooden bridge in it, exluding the one right near the east side of the second village. There is a bridge southwest of the second village, and also one between the first and second villages. After doing this, go to the tavern at the second village and talk the barmaid there. Choose the third option (Have you seen Anjelita around here?). Now you'll have to meet Anjelita in the woods, one screen west of the save machine by the road leading southwest from the village. Talk with her, and she will leave the screen. Go back to the house next to mayor's and talk to Jerald. Exhaust both new conversation options.

Now you are close to completing the tasks in this village. Before heading on, there is an optional sidequest that needs to be partially completed to achive full 5/5 ranking by the end of the game.


There is a small cave located northwest of the second village. Go in and head north one screen, then go west. After a few screens you'll come by two screens with moving spike monsters in them. These will kill you instantly if you touch them. The key here is patience! The first screen can be solved easily, but in the second one, you'll need to wait a moment until it's safe for you to go. Watch out for the space in the middle where both of those spikers meet - you don't want to be standing there when they do! When you reach the swirling machine, press SPACE and the barrier on the other side of the cave will be deactivated. Now you'll need to head back to the entrance of the cave and go north and follow the passage. You'll come by a black pig, talk with him and choose the first option two times. You'll receive a sword, and you'll automatically get teleported out of the cave.

If you use this sword to kill both mayors of the first two villages and talk to Satan again, you'll get the bad ending and the game will end there. But for the purposes of this walkthrough and achieving the 5/5 ranking, only getting the sword item was necessary.

Be sure to talk to the mayor of the second village about the Lex Sybil mines and monsters. This is an ongoing quest that will earn you one ranking point in the end if you talk to all the associated people about it.


You'll find your second strength potion pickup in the second village. If you've been following this walkthrough up to this point, this is your last chance to get it - it'll be impossible to get it later. It can be found by going to the mayor's house in the second village, then heading outside through the other door and south one screen.

When you're ready to proceed, go to the tavern. You'll need to incite a riot. Talk to everybody inside except the barmaid, choose the "Get upset for no reason" option whenever possible, then lastly choose the same with the barmaid. If you did this with all the other people and with the barmaid last, the screen should fade to black and you'll witness that the village has been razed to the ground.

Go southwest from the village and you'll meet Anjelita by the bridge. Agree to go with her and make your way southeast to the magic gate. She will open it automatically. Travel southwest and go inside the northeastern house of this new village. After a small scene with Anjelita and her father, go to the wooden house and talk with Anjelita. You'll now be free to buy any furniture, seeds and items available from the store (the house with the brown bubble sign) in this village.

Also, remember to talk to this town's mayor about the Lex Sybil mines and monsters.

To proceed to the final part of the game, you need to gather atleast 1000 gold to buy a house. Other optional expenses include:

  1. 100 gold. Strength potion (needed for 5/5 ranking
  2. 90 gold. Speed magic (makes traveling around a LOT easier)

  3. This can be bought from the store. There is also another strength potion west of the third village. You'll reach it by walking through some trees near a glowing star (it's a warp point). Press SPACE near the warp point and it'll transport you a few screens west from the strenght potion.

  4. To get speed magic, first talk to Iles about learning magic, then talk with Anjelita about the same topic. She will give you a scroll that opens the barrier between second and third villages. You are now able to buy speed magic from the store for 90 gold.

Now you need to grow plants and sell them to gain money. I suggest growing any plants you can get then selling them to the store until you can buy speed magic. Then it gets easier to travel to the second village and further. Cabbages can be sold to the goblin in the second village, tomatoes and pumpkins to the girl downstairs of the tavern and a farmer outside of it in the first village respectively. To save time, you should combine these routes so that you always have atleast both tomatoes and pumpkins to take to the first village to sell. Luckily there is a small shortcut, a warp point, near Dink's old house that will transport you BACK to your farm (but not vice-versa) when you press SPACE near it.

Also, near the place where you started the game, there is a rock that can be pushed either down or left if you have atleast 6 strength. You can only get one of the chests behind this rock. You'll get the western chest (300 gold) if you push the rock down, and the southern chest (one of the 3 Legendary Fishes) if you push the rock left. The fish is optional, but needed for 5/5 ranking.

When you've gathered 1000 gold, talk to Iles and ask about the house. Tell him you will buy the house. You'll get the healing spell. You should now possess 7 strength (and I recommend getting the speed magic also) before heading to the fourth village.


Travel east from the third village and you'll see frozen land behind some trees to the north. You should also come by a save machine on your way further east. Two screens east from the save machine is a man to which you'll need to give your sword to - he'll also take 100 gold from you if you have that much, but he'll give you one of the 3 Legendary Fishes in exchange. Continue north and west along the coast. You'll come by a staircase to a cave in the middle of the frozen area you saw earlier. Go down and continue along the path west and south to another staircase leading down.

Go northwest and you'll come by a screen with a sparkling pole and a rock in the right side. Push the rock up to deactivate the barrier. Go up one screen, and push the single rock all the way to the right until it goes to the other screen. Continue pushing the rock right until it goes no further. Then push it down so it will block the archway. Talk to the stone giant lying on the ground and choose the first option - but remember that you need 5 magic points to use your spell (there is a magic altar nearby southeast, in the same cave). After a scene with the two stone giants, exit the building, go south, east and north and talk with the stone giant in the bomb workshop. Go southwest and talk with the wizard in the screen with the magic altar. When you talk to him again he'll send you to the dimension. Before you do so here is a good place to make a backup save, since you cannot get back until you've completed the upcoming dungeon.

This is where the healing magic is useful. Note that you cannot use speed magic in this dungeon. There is a save machine in the first screen of the dimension. Save and head north. There is a chest with a strength potion one screen north and east from the start. Pick it up, go back west, continue north. Two screens to the north there are two staircases you can take down. The left staircase leads you to a small platform with one of the 3 Legendary Fishes, but you'll have to be quick to grab it so you won't get hit by the fireball. After that go down the right staircase and continue east. When you press SPACE near the white poles, you'll get teleported to another white pole in the same screen, but watch out for those fireballs! Use the white poles to get to the other side of the screen and continue east. Be sure to pick up that strength potion in the next screen, you cannot get them later when you exit this dungeon!

Proceed east, go up the staircase and head south two screens. Then go west and pick up the chest with the bomb materials, which also happens to remove some fire barriers from your way. Go south and you'll be confronted by two hostile stone giants. Let the fireballs kill them and go west. More stone giants, deal with them as you did before. Now you can go further west and down that staircase. Talk to the fairy and you'll get teleported back near to the fourth village. Talk to the wizard on the way and he'll reveal you where the monsters came from (and you just gained yourself one ranking point!). Go talk to the stone giant in the bomb workshop again, and he'll give you a bomb for free. You'll need some more bombs so buy as many as you can, they only cost 10 gold each.


There is a rock with a crack on it some screens west of the fourth village. Use a bomb on it to get through, and grab that strength potion - it's your 10th and last one. There are also some ducks there, use your bombs to kill a few. You need to kill 5 ducks in total to gain yourself one ranking point in the end.

If you've been following this walkthrough up to this point, you should have 10 strength and the 3 Legendary Fishes in your inventory. There is a hut one screen north from where we grabbed that last strength potion. Go inside and push that bookcase from the right. Talk to the large slime inside and he'll give you 1000 gold for bringing him the 3 Fishes. With this money, run back to the third village and buy all the furniture for your house from the store. Now we're ready to finish this game.


Go back to the stone giant bomb workshop and continue one screen north. Use a bomb on that cracked rock and go north. Now Death will ask you some questions which you must answer TRUTHFULLY to gain that one last ranking point. After that you'll be transported to the "credits" screen and you must finally talk to Death one screen west from the center. He will mention which rank you've achieved.