Ok, you start on a screen with a road going three ways and a sign. Head to the right to a small town. In town go to the right a couple of screens and down one. Enter the wizards house and talk to him. Accept his quest and he will give you a fireball spell, a note to get into the city and he tells you that the farmer has a sword for you. Go out of the house and head to the left a couple of screens till you get to the farmers house(it's kinda obvious once you see it). Go in and talk to him and ask him for a sword. Now go up and exit the town. One screen left from the sign there is a tree, burn it to gte some gold and a health boost and get the gold from the chest on the top of the screen. Follow the road to the left until it curves downward. Do not follow the road here, head to the left and burn the tree the arrow points to and go up to get a bunch of gold and some powerups. Now go back down and to the left a 2 screens and you'll arrive at the city. Talk to the guard and show him the wizards note and he will let you into the city. Once you are in the city go left 1 screen and up 1 screen and enter the house on the left. Ask the man why he's so upset and he'll tell you about a little family feud with the family next door and will ask you to try to make peace. Go to the house across the street and ask for the ring and you will learn thet the person in the other house stole their statue. Then go get the statue from the other family. Bring it back to the owners to get the ring and some experience. Now finally return the ring for a whole bunch of gold and experience. Now go up 2 screens and left 2 screens and enter the weapon shop and buy yourself a clawsword. Exit and go down 2 screens and enter the house, get the potion and buy hellfire from the man. If you want you can go into his basement and kill the monsters for some experience.

Now go back up 2 screens and 1 to the right. Enter the bar and abuy some ale from the bartender for 200 gold and ask him for some information(It's free). Now exit the bar and go right. Get healed at the healers if you are injured and then go right to the potion shop. Pick up the megapotion in here and use ALL of your remaining gold on stat boosts, I suggest quite a bit of magic or defense, you can get attack too but it's not really necessary. Now go down 3 screens and left 2 screens. Talk to the guard and show him the note and he will let you into the mayors mansion. Go up and to the right for a health boost. And then go all the way to the top of the house and talk to the mayor. Accept his quest and get the note which gives you access to giant island. Now leave the town and go back to the screen with the sign. Now go down following the road all the way to the begining of a bridge. At the bridge go up 1 screen and burn the bottom tree for a potion. Then go back down on the bridge and talk to the guard blocking the bridge. Show him the mayor's note and he'll let you through. Kill some of the slayers on this island with your new hellfire spell. When you're done, go follow the road to the entrance to giant city. Talk to the guard and he'll tell you he's thirsty. Give him the ale you bought at the bar. Now he's hungry. Remember what the bartender told you? Go back to the mainland by talking to the guard on the bridge and telling him you want to go back. Then go to the left 4 screens and up 3 screens. Talk to the fisherman. He says that he'll only give you a fish if you find his lucky coin. He also tells you that he lost it in a cave on the island of the giants so go back and go to the bottom right corner of the island and enter the caves. I don't suggest trying to kill the goblins with axes in this cave. The hammer ones are easy though. Head to the bottom right corner of the caves and go into the hermit's house. This is probably the first really tough fight in this mod. First of all don't even think of fighting this guy with your sword. He deals A LOT of damage and he can turn invisible occasionaly and sneak up on you if you stand still. So the best strategy for this fight is to keep running in circles around him and pelting him with hellfire as soon as your magic meter fills up. Once he's beaten take the gold from the ground. Then go back into the city and use the gold you got on some more stat boosts. Now go back to the fisherman and give him the coin and he'll give you the fish. Now, finally, go back to the giant guard. Save your game and give him the fish. Once you go into the giant city you can't get back out so be sure your ready. In the giant city go to the left 1 screen and down 1 screen and talk to the little giant. He'll tell you that the mean bully stole his toy. Agree to help him and go up 2 screens from the little giants house and enter the big bullies house. After a short talk you have to kill him. He's not to hard. Just son't let him hit you and you'll be fine. You can use your sword on this guy without dying. Now go back to the little giant and he will give you a super powerup which will increase all of your stats, add to your max health, and totally heal you. Exit the giants house and go up 1 screen and left 1 screen and enter the giant leaders house. He will tell you about the evil giant cult worshiping some evil leader. By now you should be ready to take on this cave with relative ease(most of it at least). Accept his offer and go down. Kill the giants if you want but to get to the boss Go left 3 screens down 2 and follow the passage to the left until you get to the final save point. Save and go down to confront the final boss. I'm not going to give anything about this fight away. Let's just say it helps to have a high defense and magic and don't let him touch you! Once you beat him you'll be transported to a little room with the wizard from the little town in the begining. Talk to him and, congratulations, you've won!