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This D-Mod can be splitted into two parts. So I'm gonna do so.


At the beginning, king Daniel tells you about a Psycho Murderer. Then he tells you about ten missing knights. And so, the quest begins.

When you'll be able to move Dink, get out of your house. You are now in {{the Forest Village}}, which is very easy part of the game. There basically isn't anything to do here. All the doors are locked, expect for the bar and the church. There's a save machine in the pub, and the owner tells you about the ten missing knights, and a mystic man too.

In the church, the father tells you where all the villagers are, and that you shouldn't go any deeper to the forest. And ofcourse, when some highly respected father in a church tells not to do something, we'll do it right away.

So head east of the village, and leave it. The guard doesn't tell you anything, so don't talk to him, if you don't want to. You can hit him for one lame joke, though. Heh!

So follow the way to the east. And you arrive in the {{Deeper Forest}}.


This part of the game, again, is a fairly difficult. It can feel to be impossible, but it isn't.

So, you are now in the Deeper Forest, which holds some basic Monsters. You'll probably have to kill them, so you can defeat the final boss.

But you'll probably need some goodies first, right? So, follow the forest all the way to the east, until you come to a fence. Then go North, until you hit a gate. Enter it. You are now in {{the Dark Forest}}.

This area holds {VERY} deathly creatures. So WATCH OUT!!

Go North until you can't go anymore, and then one screen to East. You can see a living tree there. Go behind it, and walk over the forest to North, and you'll come to a secret area, which holds: 3 magic potions (you have a fireball spell, if you didn't notice), 4 defense potions, and 5 strength potions. And then there's two golden hearts.

Now get back, and I suggest a little bit of training in {{the Deeper Forest}} first, then you can enter the Dark Forest and battle some stronger enemies.

I suggest ATLEAST getting into Level 4. When you're strong enough. Get into the house in {{the Dark Forest}}. Looks pretty much as any Psycho's house look like, expect there's a save machine there, and if you watch very closely, you can see a stairway behind the shelf with skulls, and duck heads. Get to the basement!

There you'll find the ten death knights. And... SETH!! Fight him! You should use your sword when he runs, and watch out, that he doesn't get to hurt you. And whenever he stops, and tries to make an explosion, shot him with a fireball. When he's dead, a little cut-scene will occur, and then you have finished the first part of {The Legend of the Dink}s. Gongratulations.

Onto the next part!!