This D-Mod supports the function to import your savegame from the original Dink Smallwood, into this D-Mod. First you need to use the Savegame Transfer D-Mod to prepare it. Just follow the instructions included with the D-Mod and everything will be fine. Place the Save99.dat into the D-Mod dir to use it. If you don't start with an imported savegame, you'll get 19 strength, defense and magic. You also don't enter your house, you're immediately going to the mines.

Ok, here goes! When you're in your house, save your game if you want. Leave and go to the mines. The red men are miners, you don't have to talk to them because they don't say something interesting. Talk to the old man. Go down, and talk to the man left to buy/sell something. Buy 2 bombs and a lantern. Go back up, right. If you go up now, you'll see a man where you can bet on bonca's, after the bet, go right to see them fight. You can buy elixers one screen down the bonca's, buy one. Go left, down, right and down the stairs. Go left first, all the way to a man who needs help. Do this if you want to help him: follow him, use the bombs here to blow the rocks up. Go to the man, he's almost dead. Go back and say it to him. He'll say you should use an elixer. Use the elixer on him. Then go back and they've left some bombs for you, take them. Go back to where you entered the underground mines (2nd level) and go right, up and talk to the man for more information about the story, they say the 3rd deep is dangerous. Back down, right. Read the sign if you want and go down the stairs. Another way to enter the 3rd deep is to move the rock near the silverlift, north of the place where you entered the underground mines.

These directions are only useful if you entered the 3rd deep with the stairs (not the secret passage). It's dark here but you've bought a lantern to you can see a bit. Go right, up, right till you'll have to go down, do so and you can move a rock down here. Return all the way (except one screen then) and go right twice, down and follow the path, then go right. Push the rock in the hole now. Follow the path, till you get to a place with an entrance. Enter and save your game. Go right 4 times, down, right twice, go up twice, left, up, left, up. Here is an ancient person. He'll attack you, kill him, easy if you have all the stuff from the original Dink. Then say: I am Seth!, then Yes;. And I return you to your own form. You may go. He'll not destroy the world now. Go back all the way to the first room in the mine, and talk to the old man, say him you've saved the mine.

You've won the D-Mod now!