Quest for the Gems



When you'll be able to move Dink, go up and talk to the guard. He won't let you pass before you'll go see the collector. So go to the house in the same screen. Go back outside and talk to the guard again. He'll let you pass now. You can't go to the Oplo on the West yet, so I think we're going to the taxcollector castle. Follow the road to East. Hmm... it's burned? How's that possible. Go back to the taxoffice and now the man opens the way to the Oplo. Go to the tax storage. (The South-West house, that's not yet in the Oplo. There is a save machine. Save your game and continue to Oplo.


First when you enter the city of Oplo you'll meet a wizard with two guards. Kill the guards and go a screen to the West. And enter the cave that's hidden behind the burned tree. There are some err... {nice} people. ;-) They are hungry so get back to the first area and go to the house where is an old man. He'll give you a permision to take some pumpings from his fields. (The fields are behind his house. Take all 12 pumpings and get them back to the people in Oplo. Now that they are saved you can either talk to the villagers, or go North to a new area, which is now open. There isn't anything to do expect to talk to people, so I {presume} you wanna continue to a new area. So to the North we go. Watch the cut-scene and we're in a new area.


Ok, go talk to the guy in the house. Then come out, and go North. Enter the mines (cave). Follow the mines to the West. You can kill some Slimes on your way aswell. When you come out from the other side, you'll see a Rock monster. Go back to the {only} guy near the mines. Talk to him, and then push the bookshelf out of the way. Enter the hole. Then go push the rock on the Rock monster. After the cut-scene go back where you first saw the Rock monster.

Follow the way to the only house here. Talk to the man there. Now we need to get some water. Go back to the first area, and talk to the fountain. Go to the tax office, and get a bottle. Then talk to the fountain again. Now you've got a full bottle of water. Go back to the thirsty guy, and give him the water. Go outside, and back in again. The man warns you of weak floor. Hmm... Hehe >:-) I wonder what would happen if we're stupid and walk on a hole on a floor. ;-) Aww **! We fell in another cave with slimes.

Go right. D'oh wherever else? Take the south path. Take again the lower path in the next separate part. When you'll see a Bonca, kill it! Then talk to the machine, and watch the cut-scene, and we're cleared this part.


Go one screen up, try to get in the castle. You can't get in. Go East, then South. Talk to the guy. He needs a boncaskin. Go one screen West of the save-machine screen, near the castle's wall. One screen south kill the Bonca. Take the heart if you need to. Go back to talk to the man. He'll move the rock in the upper screen. Crab the Defense (blue) potion. Then hit the pole. Now you can enter the castle.

In the castle follow the route and try to make it through the invicible walls. Follow the route untill you'll come to a separate routes. Take the up leading one and hit the pole. Then take the other route and hit the pole there too. Continue this untill there are no poles no more. Then, when you see a paper read it. Take the most South-West wall and go through it. You'll see the king's(?) wizard. Then when the cut-scene is over, you have finished this part.


When you've seen the cut-scene, go East. Then to North. Talk to the bushes. We can't get through the bushes yet. Go East. In the house eand talk to the wizard. You'll get a bomb. Go outside and South. Talk to the rock, and then use your bomb to blow it up for good!! :-) Go South, then West. Take the sword and go back to bushes, and cut them of your way.

Go up in the cave. Watch the cut-scene, and follow the baddies as far as possible. When you've seen the rocks falling, go South-East. Hit the small rock off your way with your {fist}. Go South. Nothing! Go back up and watch the cut-scene. Then go North, and walk to the pole. Watch the FUNNY cut-scene and you have finished this part of the game.


Get all the gems in the area and go to the old woman. Talk to her. Give her the gems and listen to her. Aha! Now we know who the "Evil-Dude" is. Get to the woman's neigbors. (The fountain will heal you.) Talk to the man. Then go in the hole.


Go South as far as you can. Then to the West. Take the two paths in the way you want. Both Boncas will give you a strange coin. Go East now untill you'll reach a save-machine. Go South and place the both coin's to the left mysterious ball. Follow the path and go South, and get the fireball. Then go North and burn the tree. Follow the path. Then go South untill you'll see a save-machine. Then to the West and go in the house. Talk to the skulls. Go one screen up and place the skull to the stone, then shot a fireball to it. Follow the path and touch the pole, then you'll be warped to the last part of the game.


Go to the {only} house and talk to the {only} guy in this area. Try to climb up to the volcano. You can't get past the flames. Talk to the guy again, and get outside. Go three screens to West. Push the rock to the water and get the water. Go to the guy again, and he'll put out the flame. Go North untill you'll see a cut-scene battle your way to the end of the game.


You'll see a screen with two dragons in the end. Talk to them, if you want to see the credits. Quit the game from {Esc} button or by pressing {ALT} and {Q} at the same time. Thanks for using this Walkthrough! And remember, this was only the beginning.