The Bomb By Iplaydink

All secrets are listed at the bottom.

Chapter one:The Beginning and 'The End'

When you start the game you will see a short intro. If you go down you will see a path leading "home", ignor it, you will never use it. Travel east to the house and talk to the man inside. Go to the gate east of that house. The guard will ask you for a password. Go talk to the man in the house again and go back to the guard. You are now allowed to enter 'The End'. Now you should look around. Note that there are a 'fish shop' here. When you find fish later bring them back here to earn 1000 gold. There is also a guy who sells swords. You could save your game in the upper-right corner of the village. When you are ready, leave the town to the south and travel north-east until you find a stone. Push it from left to right and a secret passage will reveal.

Chapter two: The Cave

Save your game. Travel one screen west then one south, follow the path leading west until you find a fish and one attack potion. Read the note. It says: "The Answer is equal to the number of dead trees.". Now go back to the town. Count dead trees, sell your fish and buy a sword. (There are 8 dead trees) Go back to the cave. If you want to travel west 2 screens then one north to find a fish and one evil bonca ;) From the save-point go west one screen south one screen and after that east and south. You will find the path blocked by a guard. Talk to him and choose The mayor sent me and then 8. Go down. If you can't, try moving sideways while pressing"down arrow". When the pathsplit take the western way. talk to the mayor. leave the cave to the south. Travel south until you find a cottage, go inside. talk to the mage. Go east and enter the 'Slowpoke forest'.

Chapter three: Slowpoke forest

Follow the road. Talk to the guard. Go north as far as possible and follow the trees west until you encounter a man dressed in green, talk to him. From him go south 2screens, then go west until you find the white stone. go south through the trees and enter the secret passage. Kill the shadow. Walk up the stairs and you are in 'Slowpoke'!

Chapter four: Slowpoke town

Go into the large building, up the stairs and talk to the mayor. choose "Whisper I know all about 'the bomb'..." or "So, how are you?". Go outside an into the lower of the doors in the house west of the town hall. Find the mayors dead brother. Go back and talk to the mayor. Leave the town to the north-west.

Chapter five: Slowpoke forest part 2

Go to the southwestern corner and enter. Talk to the mage. Then go to the Welcome sign. Press the blue. Go through the hole. Save. Go north after killing the shadows in the first room. go north again, and again. Kill the mini-boss, you now have a key. Go south as far as possible then west. talk to the door to open it. Kill the boss. En of game.

Chapter six: Secrets

There is a golden heart behind the weapon-seller in first town, shouldn't be able to miss.

Just after leaveing the cave there is a secret passage near the savebot, look for an arrow on the ground.

In slowpoke forest there is a ring of stones. Follow the arrows and you will get there.

In Slowpoke town there are a super magic potion near the bottom of the mountain.

In the southern parts of slowpoke town there is a dead tree and hiden behind it is a hole witch leads to some nice stuff.