As soon as you start, a rock drops (slowly :) and blocks off a passageway, sealing in some goblins (in case you didn't get that). There's only one way to go, so follow this way, killing first one bonca, then some slimes and then some more bonca's and then you end up with the trapped goblins. Try to get the bonca's to fight eachother, it helps. Once the miners are freed, go left and talk to the goblin working there for some experience. Back up the stairs now and up and right, talk to the goblin here for some gold. Back left now and exit the mine (up the stairs).

There are two secret areas in this d-mod and you need to pick up 5 orbs for one of them. You can find out where to get the orbs somewhere down this page.

You're at the entrance of the mine now. Your house is to the left, but you don't have to go there now. Go down and start following the road there. Go left and down. A salesman, David is here, you can get some elixers. Go down here and you'll get a little cutscene, ending in a fight. It should be too tough, especcially if you have some elixers. After killing the humans, go down three times and pass through the fence to go right. Go down here and enter the barracks (middle house). Go up the stairs for another cutscene. You'll end up at your house. Enter it and talk to your dad about leaving. Go up the stairs and get some sleep here.

It's the next day and it's time to learn some magic. South-east of the barracks is small house with a human inside. Keep talking to him and ask to learn magic. Bonca summoning is yours now. Exit and keep going right (don't forgot to pick up a blue potion a few screens up though) till you hit the shore and head up then, till you get to the ship. A cut-scene follow.

Now you're ship. Haven't you always wanted to be a ship? No? Never mind then. Keep going right and avoid the sea slimes (who look a lot like land slimes :). There's a secret area too here. From the spot where you start, keep going up till you hit an edge and then go right a few screens, but still try to go up every scree. Eventually you'll go another screen up. Activate the teleporter here. Explore the secret island, you'll find some goodies here, and get a potion of regeneratio. There's no super secret weapon though. Exit the island (there's another teleporten to the south-east) and go down with the ship. Keep going right till you see land and go down from here. Cut-scene and you're a two-headed goblin. You're goal is simple now, just survive a minute or two. After this, it's on to Smallwood (the town). There are a few potions in a spike pit, south of the castle, you can get them if you enter from the left side.

Time for Smallwood: Follow the huge road leading east (check the map) and enter Smallwood. Insert cutscene. Head northeast now, till you get to the Mage's Guild (or Martridge's house in the original game) and prepare to fight a lot. In the end you'll get the crystal. The rest is pretty straight-forward, destroy one of the magic walls as soons as possible, in the fight with the king.

Now let's wait for Birth of an Empire 2 :)

The Orbs

First island

  • At the mine entrance (outside): 3x right, once down
  • Starting from the goblin standing at the barracks fence: 3x down, once right

Second island

  • From Goodheart Castle entrance: 3x up, 2x left
  • From Goodheart Castle entrance: 3x down
  • From Goodheart Castle entrance: 1x up, 4x right

So what can you do with the orbs? On the second island, there's a mage guild all the way up north-east. You'll have to kill a lot of spiked thingies here, and somewhere along the way, Karg will say "That's what the orbs are for". You can go down there then and see some fire Bonca from Fiat, which is kinda neat.