[notes in brackets are Ted's]

This extensive walkthrough also includes six appendices, namely:

-[Appendix I: Items] -[Appendix II: Mountain Cave Maze]

-[Appendix A: Secrets] -[Appendix B: Key Sparks] -[Appendix C: Gold Coins] -[Appendix D: Complete Potion Guide]

Walkthrough for Part I


You start out in your room where you have aparently slept in (although you never find out why you were supposed to get up). Go downstairs and talk to your mother. Do as she says and go talk to the neighbors. You only really need to talk to Geno in the house directly below yours, but you can learn of some of the characters if you talk to everyone. When you return home, dinner is ready, and your mother tells you about the line of heroes called Dink Smallwood, starting with the original and leading up to your father. After dinner, your mom asks you to go get some logs in the forest. When you get 3 logs, return home. Your mother tells you Geno stopped by and wants you to stay over at his house. When you get there though, they are about to have dinner. Go talk to your girlfriend Laura in the house to the right of Geno's. After your walk, go back and see Geno.

[See "[Appendix I: Items]" at the end for more notes about this area. Special hint: if you're going to buy the doll that allows you to see Dink's dreams, you might want to do it before he has his sleep over with Geno.]

In the morning, go to the cave and look around. Find your way to the upper left corner of the cave and you will see a pile of dirt. Search the dirt (talk) and you will find Pandora's sword (you don't get the sword). It is cursed, so you decide it would be best to stay away. On your way out, you and Geno are attacked by a bonca, which don't usually appear on the plateau. Hurry over and hit the bonca before he kills Geno. Punch away until you kill it and go talk to Geno. After the cut scene, your journey begins.

Sandy Beach

Now is a good time to compete in the now possible competition. [This part was apparently buggy at one time, Wesley had a note in here about "November" but did not say what year. Perhaps 2000. In any case, these bugs are now long gone.]

Go to Sandy Beach [use the map] and talk to the guy in the top right house. Register and head west of town. Talk to the blue/purple guy there and he will explain the rules. You start the competition off. Hurry out and find a rock and then return and throw it in the well. It is fairly easy to win unless you have a really hard time finding a rock (there are three, but you just need one). Your prize is 100 gold and a ribbon if you win. [You really need this ribbon if you want to win the game without cheating. If you don't get it, restore and try again.]

[Hints: (1) Don't spend too much time scrutinizing screens for rocks -- if you come to a screen with a competion rock on it, the screen will lock until you defeat a pillbug. So if the screen doesn't lock, keep running! (2) Kill the pillbug first, then get the rock, because Dink's speed is slowed way down by carrying the rock. (3) Your time needs to be 109 or less to win. If 110 or more, restore and try again.]


Now head over to Gem. Talk to the guy in Jones's store (Jones) and take the job. Complete each job -- they are pretty self-explanatory -- and eventually Jones will tell you to continue on your journey. By now you should have enough to buy a short sword from the store in Southtown.

[Some of Jones' job are "self-explanatory" and some aren't...

  • Assignment (1) is delivering a message to his wife in the house across the street. That one is indeed easy.
  • Assignment (2) has you going back to Sandy Beach to find sand dollars, for which you are paid 10gp per. I have never found more than 5. Is that all of them?
  • For assignment (3) you can go to the potion store in either Sandy Beach or Southtown and get an anniversary present. A little common sense seems adequate here. You get paid according to how appropriate your gift selection is: 100gp, 50gp, or 10gp. The best choices in Sandy Beach include the box of candy, the pink (but not the yellow) roses, the gift certificate, or the feather pen. The best choices in Southtown are the bouquet or the vase.
  • For assignment (4), you have to take care of the store while Jones takes his wife out for their anniversary. This is tough. Three customers come in and you have to just guess what to charge each of them. Except for the first customer, you are not even told what they want to purchase, yet your pay for the job depends on your choices. The best choices are 100, 30, and 50gp, respectively, for which the pay is 260gp.]


In order to cross the desert, you have to make a cooling potion. You first have to find out how to make the potion. Find the note at the oasis, and then find the guy in Southtown who tells/told you about the oasis guy (he lives in the house right of the save building, you may be able to skip this step). Now go talk to the bartender at the Southtown bar. The guy you are looking for is the bartender at Sandy Beach. Talk to him, and he will give you the beginner's fruit guide. You need to find an orange and an apple. You can find oranges by killing brown boncas, and you have to buy the red apple from a man in Southtown for an inflated price.

HINT: the less gold you have, the less the apple will cost you. [But the more gold you have, the more gold you will have left when you're done dickering. He will initilly ask for half your money, but you should be able to get the apple for about a third of your money plus one orange.]

After you have the fruit, head over to the mixing station and make your cooling potion. When you make the potion, you will be able to cross the desert.


The road to Viel has been closed because Citra hasn't been keeping up with its fruit supply to Viel. Find the guy called Rain in the large building (farthest door down). You can now go down the stairs into the cave by the dead tree. Fight your way through the cave and kill the bonca. Return to Rain and you find the bridge has been opened. You can also buy fruit from Southtown now. The mayor gives you a golden apple also which is used for stat increasing potions. [See the potion guide in the Part II walkthrough].


Viel has basically been shut down by a suspicious king. If you go to the mountain village, you find out that you need a king's seal to enter any of the houses. You can't get into Viel castle, so head on down to Southtown Castle. Talk to the king there and he will give you the seal. If you offer your help [BUG ALERT -- DON'T DO THIS IF YOU ARE NOT USING MY CORRECTED SCRIPTS], you will be taken to some islands where you must protect a village from advancing soldiers. [In my modified scripts, you will get a golden apple for accepting this mission, as well as money and experience when you kill the enemy soldiers, and an additional 500gp from the king.] Whatever you do, the seal is the key to Viel. Just show it to the guards [by talking to them].


The northernmost house in Viel is where you want to be. There is a hidden stairway behind the shelves that leads to the resistance headquarters. Talk to the leader of the resistance. You don't join them, but you find out how to get into Viel Castle. Go talk to the guard and ask to see the king (mention your name to get in). When you get in, you will be arrested and be thrown into the dungeon.


You find yourself in a small cell guarded by one of Viel's trademark guards. You can try to hit or talk your way out, but you won't really accomplish much. If you look closely, you will see some rocks on the ground in the upper right corner of the cell. Pick some up and approach the right wall segment with the crack in it. (talk)Throw your rock in the corridor, and the guard will go to investigate it (no one claimed they were too bright). You are now free to go. On your way out, you may run into some guards around a stairwell going down. This is where you ultimately want to be so remember where it is.

Now find your way back to the resistance HQ where you have a choice to make. If you agree with the leader, you can just go back down through the dungeon to get to the Goodheard Ruins. Also, if you don't have either the long sword or the rune sword, they will give you enough to buy one. [Not exactly. If you don't have either sword, they will set your money to 2500gp. Even if you had more.] If, however, you decide to get angry with the leader, you will be asked to leave, and you can't come back. In this case, you are given no direction on where to go, and the Viel door is closed. Go back and see Jones, and he will help you out. [In other words, getting angry with the leader or not is up to you -- either option is equally valid and has no lasting effect on how the story line progress.]

Viel Caves

After you talk to Jones and the other guy, you find out about the secret caves. You may have already been in them. [They look blocked, but really they're not. There is a crack where Dink can slip in from the right side. Alternatively, push the middle rock left and then the right rock further right.] Find your way through the maze [tough! -- see "Appendix II: Mountain Cave Maze" for notes], and you will wind up in the Goodheart Ruins.

NOTE: I [Wesley] could have 'locked' you out of the caves before you reached this point, but I think it's dumb to do stuff like that in a game [even though he does this several times in part II...] If it were real, you would be able to push the rocks out of the way any time. Let me know what you think about this [if you can find his current e-mail address, that is]. I [Wesley] will incorporate the popular decision in my next dmod.

Goodheart Ruins

This section is a large [understatement] twisting maze with potions and a golden heart (mostly in the right section). To reach the end, work your way over and down the left side of the ruins. [This is hard. It seems like there are only two accessible stairways in this area, the one in the northwest where you came down, and the one in the northeast that leads only to the Mountain Village secret caves. To be sure, you can see a third stairway but it seems like you can't get to it. Actually you can. Look for a room that you enter from the top of the screen. You can see almost the whole room on the one screen and it looks like the only way out is the way you came in. But there is a place in the lower right corner, which becomes the top of the next screen down as you approach it, where Dink can squeeze into the remainder of the maze, the one with the stairs leading down to this part's final battle. For more information, see the end of [Appendix II: Mountain Cave Maze].

When you get to the end, you will have to fight a slayer [not hard -- this slayer is vulnerable to inferno magic...] When you beat him, follow Sid and watch him destroy the world.

Appendix I: Items

Here I [Wesley] will try to explain where to find some of the harder-to-find items and bonuses in the first section of the game.

[I, Ted, am adding screen numbers for reference in all these secrets. Use the "S" key to see the screen number Dink is currently in. In this walkthru, there are two numbers for the insides of buildings: the first is the number you will see by pressing "S" outside the building, the second is the number you will see from inside.]

There is a golden heart on the plateau. By the house with the well in it [screen 382], the cliffside is 'blocked' by some bushes. You can walk through these though and get a golden heart.

In the cave, there is a stairway behind a rock in the upper-right corner [screen 32] with a defense potion in it.

[Firewood logs: you should have little trouble finding these, but if you do, they are in screens 283, 314, and 316.]


  • Goblin - strength +1
  • Soldier - defense +1
  • Wizard - magic +1
  • Bonca - opens dreams (you may have dreams at the inns)
  • Dink - opens clairvoyance (you get the 'meanwhile' scenes periodically in world one)

[I can't believe Wesley went to all the trouble to code those 'dream' and 'mean- while' scenes and then only show them if you choose a doll that seems to give no immediate advantage. The scenes do add a little to the story but give no clues or any other advantage towards winning the game.

It's hard getting the dolls in the first place. Finding all ten coins is a real challenge. They can be found as follows: in Dink's house (screen 318/352); save machine building (319/288); both outside and inside the building with the wishing well in it (382/256); north of the village (screen 222); by a stump west of elder's house (285); screen 250, a little north and mostly west of village; screen 216, northwest of the cave entrance; and screens 128 and 93 inside the cave.

There is also a secret area in the woods between the village and the peddler. Find screen 314, then find a way to go west to screen 313. There you will find a stairway down to a place with ten coins.

So it is possible to get 20 coins, The game was designed to only sell you one doll, but I have deactivated the code that enforces this. These rules are now in place:

  • If you buy any doll, you will see the "meanwhile" scenes now, so do not buy the Dink doll.
  • If you buy two dolls, only the last doll bought will appear in Dink's room; except...
  • If either doll you buy is a bonca (strongly recommended), then only the bonca will appear in Dink's room.] The reason the bonca doll comes so highly recommended is because Dink may find a potion bottle in a dream, and if he does, it raises his stats for real.
  • in Sandy Beach, Southtown, and Citra, there is a 50-50 chance of having a dream, and if so, there is a 1-in-4 chance of finding a strength, magic, or defense potion in the dream (so the combined odds are 1 in 8).
  • in Northtown, the combined odds are 1 in 18 of finding a megapotion.]

To find the magic bracelet (Jones wants you to find it for him), find the screen where the cliff meets the water. Go down a screen and look through the branches of the tree on the left side of the screen [screen 273]. It gives you a magic bonus of 2. If you return to Jones now, you will automatically sell it for 750 gold. [You also now get a gold apple in the deal, which you can use to replace the two magic points you lost. It frees up a pack slot and you'll make some extra money. Your choice to return the bracelet or not.]

Right of Southtown, there is a magic potion [screen 701], but just above it [on the same screen] (hidden by the tree), there is a stairway that leads to a megapotion.

There is also a megapotion behind the large building in Citra [screen 553].

To get the spell 'Dark Gate', you have to find the wizard's house near the Mountain Village. Follow the right shoreline and walk through the bushes [on screen 176] when you get there. He asks for a symbol of power. Find the cave in Mountain Village [screen 174] and talk to the blue things for clues. Fire is the correct choice. As long as the fire is the last thing you pick up, you are ok. Take the fire to the wizard, and he will give you the spell [...which, unfortunately, is pretty worthless. It is only effective against enemies you can easily handle anyway. The stronger the enemy, the less effective it is. Slayers and other strong enemies are virtually immune to it.]

On your way out of the dungeon, pick up the necklace from the dead gnome [screen 708]. This allows you to get the heal spell [in part 2]. If you try to use the necklace [as a spell], you will just waste magic.

Get the intermediate Fruit Guide from the guy at Citra's bar [652/746] after you kill the bonca. Get the Masters Fruit guide by trading the magic bracelet to someone in Viel [screen 358/225]. You also get the respective fruit guide by mixing the highest potion on the guide (i.e., if you discover a potion without having the fruit guide [virtually impossible without cheating], you will automatically get the updated guide).

[The part II walkthrough now includes the full fruit guide -- see its Appendix D. The important recipes will also be offered by pressing the F key eventually.]

Appendix II: Mountain Cave Maze

The mountain cave maze provides access to the Goodheart castle dungeon. Explore each section, or "level" as they are called in this appendix, until you understand which stairs/exits are which, then visit each level in the numerical order assigned to each one (using the stairs marked by "*"). The numbers in parentheses are screen numbers, displayed by pressing the "S" key.

  • level 1: Hole out to N (45) *NE (14) - level 2N (81) S (109) - level 4NW (110) NW (44) - level 6W (133)
  • level 2: N (81) - level 1NE (14) S (145) - level 4W (141) *W (112) - level 3N (107)
  • level 3: N (107) - level 2W (112) NE (108) - level 4N (79) W (137) - defense potion*
  • level 4: N (79) - level 3NE (108) *S (143) - level 5NW (15) W (141) - level 2S (141) NW (110) - level 1S (109)
  • level 5: NE (17) - level 7NW (7) (one-way -- can't get back this way) *S (80) - level 6S (167) NW (15) - level 4S (143)
  • level 6 (visibly south of level 7): *SE (168) - level 7S (72) S (167) - level 5S (80) W (133) - level 1NW (44)
  • level 7: strength potion to SW (map 103, south of map 71) *NE (11) - to Goodheart Ruins S (72) - level 6SE (168) NW (7) - level 5NE (17)

To find your way through the castle maze, you have to look for screen 82. Take the path that starts in the middle of the right side and proceed toward the right. On screen 83 you will be in a hallway that only turns toward the bottom of the screen and onto screen 115. This room seems to have no exit other than the way you came in, but actually it does. In the next screen down, screen 147, Dink can squeeze out to the right along the wall.

Walkthrough for Part II


This part is pretty simple but not very straightforward. First of all, [locate the non-functional warp on the east side of the island, northeast of the cabin. Then next,] you have to find Jenai. Find the L-shaped piece of land on the north side of the island. The third time you are on the screen, Jenai will appear. Talk to him and then go eat dinner. After dinner, talk to Jenai again, and then search for pieces to the raft. Start by going to the screen north of the non-functional warp point and Dink will say what he needs to find: three big logs, a small log, and some grass. When you get these, return to this screen and you will try out your raft.

Island of the Gnomes

In this part you first have to learn about the force fields. Work your way around the top of the village and find the only hut you can go into. Take the tutorial if you haven't before and then look for yellow key sparks to get into the various huts. [Search hard: there is indeed a yellow spark for every hut, and you need to get into them all. This is my major complaint with this entire second part of this game: you spend too much time hunting for things that are almost, if not in fact, impossible to find. In an attempt to rectify this problem, I have modified the "S" key menu to show the Dink screen number. Now if you get stuck, follow your progress around the island. You will find yellow key sparks on screens 333, 429, and 494; there is in fact an extra spark (needed later in the game) behind the healing fountain.]

You can't get into the leader's hut yet though, [because it has green sparks at its base so you need a green key-spark to open it.] You also can't get into the cave to the south because of the purple field. The gnome in the lower left hut will give you a purple key so you can enter the cave. After a short journey through the cave, you find a magic bonca. Kill it and get the green key it leaves behind. Use it on the leader's hut field and he will unlock all the warp points. The entire world is now open to you. You can travel anywhere you want, but the order listed here is probably the easiest way to complete everything.

[Do this first: go back to Hope Island and find the map -- see "Appendix A: Secrets".]

[See Appendix B: Key Sparks for additional notes about sparks.]


First, travel to Mound and talk to the three people there. They each have some- thing to give you eventually; but for now, you are concerned with the middle guy. He needs his hatchet back. Fight your way through the two cave systems of Mound and find the Goblin. Hit him and the fight begins. When you kill him, he drops the hatchet. Take it back to the guy in Mound and he will give you a peg. Take it to the Gnome in Gnome Island who has the broken bench. Give the peg to him and he will give you the sawblade [that is, the "Sawblade Sword," a stronger weapon.]

Delta V

[Note: the fruit mixing station on Delta V, originally the only one in this whole world, is non-functional. No true script-only fixes are possible, since no scripts at all are run when Dink enters this building. If you know how, feel free to use DinkEdit to attach script "mixer" to sprite 14 in screen 723.

Other than that, I have implemented two kludges: (1) a fully-functional fruit mixing station will appear in the cabin on Hope Island after you get the map; and (2), pressing the F (Fruit Guide) key while in the Delta V station will make it functional until you leave again.]

Go to Delta and talk to the leader. Now go back to Mound and talk to the woman. Follow what she says (she says she would like to hit the people of Delta) and return to Delta. Each of the people there is a goblin in disguise. Hitting them locks the screen and starts the fight. You should be able to take care of each one easily, but you may need to take a break and refill your life at the fountain in Gnome before fighting the boss (the leader of the town). He is a two-headed goblin, and he has a painful spin attack that can almost kill you with one good shot (actually several quick hits). [Never seemed all that fierce to me.] Kill him, and you will get a red key-spark. Now you can go back into the cave system (the narrow passage on the screen below the stairway up to the surface). Search this cave system and you will find a group of people who are the true Delta Villagers. Use the key on the red field, [then open the chest if you don't want to have to come right back here, and then...] talk to any of the villagers. They return to town, and you wind up in the leader's room. Talk to him, and you will get an odd-shaped medallion. This is what you use to save the mutants.

Mutant Isle

You have only a short amount of time to save the Mutants. [Hint: the use of TWS ticks the timer -- if you teleport or attempt to teleport 35 times before saving the Mutants, you will not be able to save them. While this is fairly generous, you can't fool around too long. One of the mutants will give you a clue as to how much time is left. If he says something about "a few days", there is still plenty of time. If he says "a couple days", you have fewer than 12 warps left. If he says "another day", you have fewer than six warps left. And if he says time has run out, it probably has...]

If you take the medallion to the machine left of the Mutant's village, nothing happens. You have to charge the medallion in a different machine. The machine is in the cave of Gem [accessed from inside the destroyed building]. Find your way to this machine and put the piece in. As soon as you do, take the piece back out (talk). If you pull up the menu now [i.e., arm it like it was a sword and press Ctrl], you will see that the piece has become charged. However it will lose its charge before you can get it to the machine in Mutant Isle. You have to find a way to contain the power. Go to Kingdom Smile and talk to a guy in the town (not the castle). He will give you a box to put the charged piece in. Take the box and now go to Mutant Isle. Put the piece in the machine to save the mutants.

[This is just too weird. The guy in Kingdom Smile won't give you the box unless you come to him with the piece already charged. So according to the story, the charge that won't survive the teleport to Mutant Isle will survive the teleport to Kingdom Smile. Go figure. Anyway, the sequence of events is this: charge the piece in Gem, bring it to Kingdom Smile and talk to the guy to get the box, and then you can go from there to Mutant Isle and repair the machine.]

[More stuff from the Secrets section. (1) If Dink knows "Manhattan Project" which he learns automatically when he reaches level 12, don't bother stealing the book in Kingdom Smile. You can take it to the guy in Mound that collects books and trade it for a scroll for the Pain spell, but Pain works the same as Manhattan Project except it isn't as powerful. (2) After repairing the machine on Mutant Isle, talk to all the villagers and get the scroll. Take this immediately to the Gnome leader, because you DO want the Meteor Spell. This spell basically rains down one Inferno fireball for every magic point you have. Not quite as powerful as you would think (because the meteors fall randomly and you can't aim them, though they do prefer to fall closer to Dink), but still plenty effective, especially above ground.]

Kingdom Smile

[There is a trick to getting into this part of the game. I played it through twice before I finally found it. Look closely at that little castle near the east shore of Kingdom Smile. See that brick on the left side of the door, the one that sticks out instead of in? That's the castle's "doorbell". Make Dink hit it. When you find the right place, the door will open and a knight will come and take Dink inside the castle, which is mostly deep underground. In my updated scripts, I make Dink comment on that brick when he walks onto the screen, so you won't miss it anymore.]

Kingdom Smile's elite knights have gone on strike. You have to find four of them and convince them to return to service. Three of them are in the caves below the castle. One wants a green apple which you can buy from Delta V. Another one wants a new axe, explained later, and the other one will return after you have convinced two other knights. The last one is in the caves of Grimm Forest the stairway to the cave is hidden in the densely treed screen around the middle of the screen. He wants you to find his gold coin.

[Make sure you have fully explored the caves below the castle and talked to all three knights down there before leaving the castle. Next, you want to get the knight in Grimm Forest back on the job. Start by reading "Appendix A: Secrets" about the Holy spell for the reason why. Then head over to Grimm Forest next and find that knight. Tough maze, isn't it? The entrance to its caves is completely hidden on screen 110, just above and left of the middle of the screen. Now find his coin in Gem, which is not too hard to find in that cave. Hint: it's on the same screen as the machine you used to charge the piece for the Mutants' machine. Go back to Grimm Forest and give the coin to the knight, then go back to Kingdom Smile and talk to him again -- he is the gold knight who has appeared in the room with the silver and bronze knights. Now, for the rest of the game, keep your eye out for more hidden gold coins. They are tough to spot, but none, as I recall, are 100% hidden. See "Appendix C: Gold Coins", for a complete list of coins.]

[Now for the axe. Remember the guy in Mound where you traded the hatchet for the peg? You may have noticed that he also has a knight's axe in his dwelling. In my modified scripts, Dink can even "talk" to the axe to coax the man to comment on it, but that's about all. Once you have talked to the knight in the cave under the castle, however, talking to the man will get him to offer to trade the axe for some pliers. For them, you have to recall that the leader in Delta said he still owes Dink a favor. Back to Wesley for a moment:] Go talk to him, and he will tell you the guy who buys swords has pliers. Talk to him, and he will give you the pliers for free since you saved his life. [Before you leave Delta V, don't forget to buy a green apple if you need one for the third knight. Then return to Mound and the guy will let you have his axe. But Dink now has to pick it up for himself, and this is a little hard, though I did not intend for it to be a puzzle. Move Dink around on the axehead until pressing the space bar makes him pick it up. And please excuse what the man says if you talk to him after taking the axe. I couldn't resist...] Take the axe to the knight in Kingdom Smile, and he will return.

[You should in fact be able to get all the knights the return to duty now, just by going back and talking to them. Besides the guy who wanted a new axe, one just wanted a green apple, which hopefully you remembered to pick up in Delta V. And the fourth guy, who describes himself as a follower, will return to duty after you have convinced any two of his three comrades.] Now return to the king of Kingdom Smile, and he will open the treasure room for you. It contains some gold and potions, but most importantly the double-edge sword. You can now fight just about any enemy on the overworld or in most of the caves.


Now is a good time to try to heal Jones. Talk to him and his wife, and then go talk to the woman in Kingdom Smile who tells you about medical flowers. Go to Delta and find the flowers there. Pick some (talk) and choose yes. A bonca appears out of nowhere and you have to kill it to leave. When you do, return to Gem and talk the Jones's wife. Go to Gnome to see how to give the flowers to Jones, and find out that they won't do the trick. You learn Heal2 and go back to Gem. Talk to the wife, and think about what she says. Go back to Delta and pick some more flowers. This time you cast Heal2 on the flowers. Fight the bonca again and then take the flowers back to Gem. You have to have some water for Jones to take the flowers though. This requires you to have a bottle. You will need 4000 gold to buy the bottle. Find the guy in the Mutant cave and buy the bottle from him for 4000 gold. Then go to Gnome and fill the bottle with water at the fountain. Take the water to Jones and give him the flowers. He is healed.

[And then refill the bottle and keep it filled. It acts like a major heal potion.]

[Here's another hint. Remember how you were trying to conserve uses of TWS until you saved the Mutants? Now it's just the opposite: use it freely! Waste it! Then go back and visit Jones after every six uses or so and he will have something new to report about his vision. Eventually, he should give Dink a golden heart.]


The bridge to town is blocked by a magic fairy. You can try several things to get by the fairy, but most of them result in her summoning a dragon to try and kill you[*]. What you need is the bottle of water. Give the fairy your water, and she will fall asleep. Grab the fairy slowly (talk) and you now have a sec- ond chance if you die (a la Zelda) [that is, Dink will be granted 20 hit points if he gets killed. Not much, but might save a restore. Hint: once the fairy is in the bottle, the guy in the Mutant cave will now sell you another bottle (for another 4000) which you can then keep full of water again for use as a heal potion. So then if the fairy has to rescue you, you can immediately use the bottle of water to get almost fully healed.]

[* -- about attacking that fairy: are you using the Ultimate Cheat? Want some real fun? Take a save (because you're probably going to mess things up really bad) and use the Cheat's Kill Enemies function a few times. Dink will quickly be neck-deep in dragons...]

Proceed into town and go into your house. This triggers a [long!] cut scene where you reminisce about growing up. Afterwards, you are determined to find out what happened to everyone (actually you only find your mother and Laura). [And of the two, only Dink's mother is on this island]. Go up to the northern part of the island and push around the the rocks. One of them has a stairway underneath. [Hint: if you pushed around rocks before going into town, it's one you couldn't push then. Didn't he say in the Part I walkthrough, "I could have 'locked' you out of the caves before you reached this point, but I think it's dumb to do stuff like that..."?

Go into the cave and search for your mother. When you find Sid's projection, you have only 10 seconds to find your mother. Go right and then down and follow that path to find your mother. [After leaving Sid's projection, hang tight to the wall on Dink's right until you come to his mother. Ignore the bonca. In fact, if you won the ribbon in the first part, you might just want to arm it so Dink can run faster.] Talk to her, and you will be transported back to your house. She tries to give you the Masamune, but you have to have the crystal first. If you don't have it yet, then you need to get it before you get the sword.]

To get the crystal, you must have a red key. Your mother should give you one. You can also get one from the lady in Delta who had the depressed cousin in Kingdom Smile after the 4 knights return, and another one from one of the mutants after you rescue them. [This bug has indeed been fixed: you now get this red key. You also always get a red key from Dink's mother whether or not you have the crystal when you find her.] Go back into the plateau cave and find the red force-field. Follow the path behind the field and get the crystal shard from one of the treasure chests. [The other chest has the so-called Doom Sword. Wesley's version was clever but relatively useless. I am hoping you will like my version a lot better.]

Take the crystal shard to Mutant Cave and find the crystal. First you need to get the crystal to stop spinning. Grab it (hit with fists armed) and it will stop and then put the piece in. Now "talk" and take the crystal. On your way out, you have to kill a dragon [so be sure to take a save when you get back to the save machine...] Take the crystal back to your mother in Plateau and she will give you the Masamune, the strongest sword in the game. Now you are ready to to go Olympus.

## Olympus

Points: You have to have a certain number of points to get better endings. I hate it when endings are really short or just suck, so I tried to reward your hard work with something a little entertaining and something that would appropriately wrap up the story line. I guess you could say I model my endings after Square endings.

  • 0-13 pts. will get you the worst ending.
  • 14-16 pts. will get you ending 2.
  • 17 pts. will get you ending 3, the best ending.

  • Delta V [killing the goblins and finding the real people] 1 point

  • Bench [getting the workbench peg and getting the sawblade] 1 point
  • Kingdom Smile [ultimately, getting the double-edged sword] 2 points
  • Mutant Isle [fixing the machine and getting the Meteor spell] 3 points
  • Jones [healing his blindness] 3 points
  • Mom [rescuing her and getting the sword Masamune from her] 4 points
  • Laura [rescuing her in Olympus -- see below] 3 points

You can come here [to Olympus] anytime and fight Sid, although you probably won't be able to kill him right away. You have to have a certain number of points to go deeper into the caves. Otherwise you get the bad ending. If you do go on, you can go fight Sid and get ending 2, or you can try to save Laura and get the best ending. (It is possible to save Laura and not get the best ending. This will happen if you missed another part. You must complete every area in world 2 to get ending 3).

Notes and hints

  1. Originally, you had to have 14 points, which is every possible point you could get without saving Laura, in order for the game to open up the stairway down to her area of the pyramid. So the only way "it [was] possible to save Laura and not get the best ending" was to take advantage of what is essentially a bug in Wesley's map. There is a place just to the north and west of the oversized pillars where Dink can squeeze between the walls at the edges of two adjacent screens. South of that squeeze, Dink can get into unrelated screens, including the one where Laura is being held captive. I have modified this requirement to only need 12 points to open up the stairway to Laura, so Wesley's statement is now true: you can indeed go down the stairway and save Laura and still not get the best ending.
  2. The "S" key has now been modified to show how many of these ending points you have accumulated, so that you can keep track of them as you play.
  3. The ending you get is based on where you fight Sid. Regardless of how many points you have, you can find him in the southeast area underneath the Pyramid; and if you enter that room, you are stuck with the worst ending. Period. When you come to the room with the giant, low-resolution pillars, you are at the decision point. Go east to fight Sid for the worst ending (and it's cute -- take a save and check it out) or south to find the stairway down to Laura and the lower levels. It is actually difficult to see the middle ending, especially if you are following this walkthrough. If you are interested -- and Wesley's endings are really good -- I suggest taking a save and then deliberately not saving Laura until you have played the middle ending.]

Deep in the lower levels is a room with a healing fountain and a save machine. The next room west has the access to the other two endings. If there is a warp in the alcove you enter, you have the required number of points for ending 2. If there is also a warp in the sealed-off area with the stairwell in it, the alcove warp will take you there instead of to ending 2. Go down the stair- well for ending 3 (which is still an adventure away -- just press on).]

To save Laura, you first have to find her. Follow the path to the right after you get to the underground cave '???'. [Yes, that's the actual name of this cave -- three question marks]. After you talk to her, you have to find the wizard who is holding her. He is in the same cave system. [That is, go back to the room where there's the stairway back up and the alert that says this is cave '???', and this time go south instead of east.]

When the wizard sees you, he will run away. Follow him and he will call a dragon to fight for him. Kill the dragon and the magic spell will be lifted. Go back and save Laura [just by talking to her]. You will take her back to Plateau. After you talk to her, go back to Olympus and fight your way to Sid.

Hints 1. The wizard, when you first see him, will head to the room north. If he is not in that room, it has been too long since you talked with the trapped Laura. DO NOT RESTORE, there is no need. Just go back and talk to her again, then return to this area more directly, and this time the wizard should be in the room to the north so you can complete the rescue as described above. 2. If, before you have successfully engaged the wizard, you come to a room that is just a winding path that leads to another winding path in the room to the south, one with a roaming fire in it, you are on the path that leads to the access areas for endings 2 and 3. Unless you want to play ending 2, don't bother going that way until after you have rescued Laura. 3. And about that roaming fire: You can't fight it, and you can't avoid it at normal speed. After you have killed the slayer, arm the ribbon before entering the room with the fire to have the best chance of avoiding it.]

Congratulations, you are done!

Appendix A: Secrets

There are a lot of secrets in world 2. Throughout the development period, several things changed places, so I [Wesley] don't remember them all correctly. If you find mistakes, let me know, and I will correct them. [That is, if you know how to contact him...]

[In the southwest hut on the Island of the Gnomes, there is a shelf unit full of bottles. Dink can walk behind these shelves to find a magic potion. I made Dink comment on it so you'll know when you find it.]

Get the World Map by returning to Hope after you get the warps working. You have to find the treasure chest behind the fireplace. [Push it from the left side. And when you come back out of that room, a functional fruit mixing station should appear. It will be there for the remainder of the game.]

Get the spell Pain by stealing a book from a bookshelf in Kingdom Smile (town). Take the book to the guy in the upper room in Mound and he will give you a scroll. Take the scroll to the lead wizard in Gnome. [This is just a waste of magic-item slots -- Pain is a weaker version of Manhattan Project.]

I think you get the meteor spell scroll from a mutant if you save them. [True, and well worth getting.]

Get the Holy Spell from the 4th guard after he returns to Kingdom Smile. He is the gold knight in the room just right of the king. You have to find 25 or more gold coins to get the scroll. The coins are located all over the world and in caves (there are none in the pyramid or below). If you get all 30 coins, you get another fruit guide. [Not true. In Wesley's scripts, there was no code to give you a new fruit guide or anything else for 30 coins. There is lots of good news, however: - The Holy Spell is one mean version of Inferno. Do your best to get it. - The more coins you get, the faster the spell recharges. Report back to the knight when you find more coins to have him update the spell. - There are actually 31 coins available, not 30. Appendix C lists the screen numbers of all the coins, although some are still hard to find, and you should find the recharge speed from 28 or more coins to be plenty. Too many coins may actually spoil the ending for you by making it too easy. - Appendix D is a complete fruit guide. I think its mixtures 5 through 8 were supposed to be in the 30-coin fruit guide, but Wesley never created it or the code to display it.]

Force fields usually guard treasure chests with potions, gold apples or gold pieces in them. There aren't necessarily enough keys for all of the force fields in the game. Keep this in mind. [This is no longer true. The key salesman will sell you every color key except red, which are rewards for completing tasks; and if you get all the red keys, you should still have one left over at the end of the game. There should be enough blue keys laying around, or maybe only one short; and I know there are enough yellow keys around. You will have to buy purple and green keys for sure.]

The golden statue puzzle is pretty simple and isn't really a secret, but the answer if you can't remember is pillbug, bonca, slime, stone giant. [That is a pretty cryptic statement, Wesley. Here is the full explanation: If you get the final ending, before you ever come to Sid, you come to a sign that says, "Hit them how you saw them." In the next room is a statue, evidently supposed to be gold, of a slime. It is on the southeast room of a square of four rooms, each containing a gold statue of of a monster. Do this first. Go west from the gold slime statue and you will come to a room with a bonca statue. Go south and you will see a fire blocking the path. Getting rid of this fire is what this puzzle is about. Turn around and head north one room past the room with the bonca and there will be a room with a statue of of pillbug. Hit it, then proceed through the rooms counter-clockwise and hit each statue as you come to it. If you hit them in the right order, the fire you saw will be gone. If it is still there, just go hit the pillbug, bonca, slim, and golem again. Alternatively, if you have the fairy in a bottle, she will (barely!) keep Dink from dying if you pass through the fire. It's risky, but that's how I did it the first time through this area and I didn't have any trouble. For one thing, I also had a bottle full of water to heal him up.]

Appendix B: Key Sparks

This whole second part of the game seems to revolve around key sparks. You will see force fields before you have sparks to open them, get used to it. Press the "S" key to see your inventory of sparks. Once you complete the initial puzzles on the Island of the Gnomes and are able to use TWS ("The Warp System"), two things become true: (1) red key sparks will be the only ones awarded by NPC's for completing tasks; and (2) you will have access from time to time to a traveling salesman who will sell every other color of spark except red. (That is, yellow, purple, blue, and green.)

Generally speaking, you should only have to buy purple and green sparks. If you make the mistake of not taking the "spark key tutorial", you might end up wanting to buy a yellow spark. Blue sparks seem to be available in abundance, though you may have to brave the somewhat tougher monsters on Olympus before Dink is really ready in order to find enough.

Spark salesman locations:

  • Mound, screen 632
  • Delta V, screen 133
  • Kingdom Smile, screen 380

If you find the right screen and want a spark and the salesman is not there, just leave the screen and return a few times. He'll show up sooner or later.

  • Yellow key sparks: Island of the Gnomes only, screens 397 (only if you take the tutorial), 333, 429, 494, and inside the hut on screen 396, behind the fountain.
  • Green key spark: Plateau, screen 222 (behind the house roof)
  • Blue key sparks:

  • Delta V, screen 135

  • Grimm Forest, screen 110 (near bottom of screen, behind leftmost tree that extends into the status area)
  • Mound, screen 759; and screen 604 in the cave system
  • Mutant Island, screen 421
  • Olympus, screens 243, 312, 401
  • Plateau, screens 122 (behind rocks, lower left), 284, 287; and screen 737 in the cave system

Appendix C: Gold Coins

See "Kingdom Smile", above. Screen numbers for all gold coins:

Delta V: 102, 422
cave: 131, 1702
Gem: 623 (this is the knight's coin -- doesn't count toward the ones for the Holy spell)0
cabin / entrance to cave 20/7551
Grimm Forest: 77, 1112
(none in cavern)0
Hope island: 6141
hidden map room behind fireplace (756)1
Island of the Gnomes: 3641
Kingdom Smile: 3771
dungeon: 6051
Mound: 666, 7592
"Mound city" cave: 7631
upper level cave: 7021
Mutant Isle: 323, 3532
cave: 359, 391, 547 (bottle salesman)3
Olympus: 241, 2472
Plateau: 124, 126, 256, 2834
underground: 619, 645, 741, 7474

Appendix D: Complete Potion Guide

Scripts mixer.c and mix.c recognize nine(9) fruit mixture potions, as follows:

  • mixture 1: Cooling Potion ("fruit guide 1")

    • 1 orange
    • 1 red apple
  • mixture 2: Weak Heal, adds 5 to life ("fruit guide 1")

    • 1 red apple
    • 1 green apple
  • mixture 3: Medium Heal, adds 15 to life ("fruit guide 2")

    • 1 orange
    • 2 red apples
    • 1 green apple
  • mixture 4: Strong Heal, adds 40 to life ("fruit guide 3")

    • 2 oranges
    • 1 red apple
    • 2 green apples
    • 2 grapes

The rest of these you are supposed to be able to guess using the FMIXER dmod. How did you do? Mixtures for which you have enough gold apples will also be displayed by pressing the F key.)

  • mixture 5: Strength Potion, adds 2 to strength

    • 3 red apples
    • 2 green apples
    • 3 grapes
    • 1 gold apple
  • mixture 6: Defense Potion, adds 2 to defense

    • 2 oranges
    • 1 red apple
    • 3 green apples
    • 4 grapes
    • 1 gold apple
  • mixture 7: Magic Potion, adds 2 to magic

    • 2 red apples
    • 4 green apples
    • 4 grapes
    • 1 gold apple
  • mixture 8: Life-up Potion, adds 5 to life

    • 3 oranges
    • 3 red apples
    • 4 green apples
    • 4 grapes
    • 1 gold apple
  • mixture 9: Secret Super Potion, adds 2 each to strength, defense, and magic

    • 3 oranges
    • 4 red apples
    • 3 green apples
    • 4 grapes
    • 2 gold apples

4/2002 modifications by Ted Shutes