The main quest is mentioned first, so if you're having trouble with that, read number 1. If it's a sub-quest you can't complete/didn't find read the other numbers which are entitled with their respective names. If you're curious about all the secrets in the demo, read the secrets section under the quests. Some known bugs are reported at the bottom.

The Main Quest

You start off at the entrance of your hometown Smallwood. You can't leave it yet because the guard asked you to check up on Magdalena. Follow the road till you can follow it upwards. This is your destination. Enter the house and go upstairs. Here, talk to the doctor who'll tell you to find a Grunus Ribbentus. You first have to find out the location of the flower. Follow the road to the entrance again, but go down where it splits. Here you'll find the potion lady's house. Enter and talk to her. Ask her about the Grunus Ribbentus. She tells you it can be found in the Forest of Lore. Now you can leave town. Do so and walk south-east to find the forest. Go through the forest maze (shouldn't be too difficult) and find the guardian. It's actually the boss of the demo. Fight it and take the flower. Now, when you want to leave the forest an ending animation starts.

John's Coin

John's house is the very first house you encounter while following the road directly. Go inside and talk to him. He tell you that he's lost his gold coin. He explains where he's been, but the gold coin is in the storage house hidden between some food. Return and claim your reward.

The Statbooster Quest

Go to the potion lady. Inquire about the statbooster, which you can now buy for 1000 gold, far too much. Ask her to lower the price, but she'll tell you that you're not interested in her, so have a chat. Ask again and now she'll lower the price to 500 gold. Still too much for you to afford. Now, ask again four times and she'll finally lower the price to 250 gold.

The lost girl

In the bar (house with beer sign) you'll find a small girl standing in the corner. Talk to her and give her some gold. She'll tell you that she's been looking for her father who disappeared. Dink offers to find him. He can be found in the upper-right corner of the map. Beware though, he is surrounded by a lot of very fast slimes. If you're not level 3 yet, don't go there unless you're a very good fighter. After defeating them you are promised an item. (Can't get it in the demo though)

The twins

This is most probably the longest quest to undertake. Find the biggest house in town, this is the twins their house, your two best friends. But, they are constantly fighting each other to have you for themselves. First, ask the friend in the left room if he's still upset about his brother. He asks you to choose between him and his brother. You have to choose that they're equal in order to complete the quest. Do the same with his brother in the right room. Now,go back to the left room and ask him what he would like as a present. He says he wants a plant. Again, do the same with his brother who wants a mushroom. Now, when you exit the house Dink will explain his plan to solve the situation. He will force them to give the present to each other. But first, you have to find the plant and mushroom. The plant can be found at a pond south of town. The mushroom in the Forest of Lore, south-east of town. Good, now that you have the required items, go back to your friends' house. Equip the mushroom when talking to the left friend and the plant when you talk to the right one. Explain the plan to them. Exit the house again and an animation will start where your two friends put their differences aside and become friends again.


  • There's a chest with 175 gold somewhere south of Smallwood
  • There's a strength potion in the forest, but it's heavily guarded.
  • You can find 50 gold in the forest twice, both hidden away by the background.
  • There's a path you shouldn't forget to take after defeating the boss for an endurance potion.
  • Demo exclusive : Above Smallwood there's another heavily guarded screen. Go up one screen to find a talking tree.

Known bugs

  • The lost girl doesn't disappear after finding the father.
  • Using a small elixer kills you. Sort of funny, unless you didn't save your game.
  • Not really a bug, but plot disturbing issue : Screenlock is activated too early when finding the boss, so you already know it's an enemy. All of these bugs have been fixed.

After reading all of this you should now be able to go through the demo easily.