A D-Mod like this doesn’t really need a walkthrough as it’s rather obvious what you have to do, so this is more of a list of hints, tips and secrets. It might spoil the fun using this, but that’s up to you!

Ok, here goes:

General notes

  • As mentioned in the readme: the ‘levels’ in this aren't really levels as such, ie increasing in difficulty, it's more like several mini-games.

The pause menu says something different on each level.

Don’t worry if in some levels things keep moving around when the game is paused - all timers, appearing pillbugs etc will be paused.

Level One

Bugs popping out of holes - kill ‘em! You have to hit 35 pillbugs inside of a minute. Careful though, as every time you miss your score will go down by one. After 25 they speed up and stay fast even if you drop below 25 afterwards. The pause menu also says something different. That’s about it for this level, except you can hit the ducks without losing score if you are inclined that way (who isn’t?).

Level Two

Pillbugs keep appearing at the rate of about one a second so you have to squish them faster than this to clear the screen of them. There’s no way to lose this level, but you can end up with a screen full of pillbugs if you’re not quick! Hit the girl if you like :)

Level Three

There are some fish on the ice, you can splat them! Yay! * Try not to let any pillbugs leave the screen. There are 75 bugs in all, you have to hit at least 60 of them or you’ll have to fight off another wave of 75. * There are three different endings to this level, the total amount of cracks you make in the ice determines which one you get. * Ending 1 - 10 or less cracks. * Ending 2 - between 10 and 30 cracks. (Best ending IMO) * Ending 3 - 30 or more cracks. (Most boring ending IMO)

This level was the trickiest to make and may still have a few bugs (other than the pills :p). Please let me know at the Dink Network if you find any!

Level Four

The aim of this one (pretty obviously) is to kill all the pillbugs without harming any ducks or rabbits. To ‘lose’ the level, kill all the ducks and rabbits! You’ll get a short cutscene and have to start the level again. Like the last level, there are a couple of different endings to this one. * Ending 1 (boring) - kill all bugs but also kill 1 or more innocents. * Ending 2 (fun) - kill all bugs only!

This is probably the easiest level as there is no form of timer or anything.

Level Five - Town

This is the big one! * There is a 5 minute timer here, which gives you enough time to kill all the pillbugs and find a couple of secrets. If you just go for all the bugs it will be very easy. * Virtually everything is hittable, so bash away at anything you see! Windows break, mushrooms splat, and so on. Have fun.

Secrets/Easter Eggs:

In the NW corner, X marks the spot. Do a bit of digging...

In the SW corner house, hit the fire.

In the house just E of the shops, hit the fireplace to find a nest of bugs! Note that you’ll now have to squash all of these in addition to the original 191 pillbugs.

At the far east, there is a house with some barrels of gunpowder in it. I wonder what happens if you hit one that’s leaking?

Outside this house, there are some flowers in a triangle. Hit the fence where they’re pointing and go through. Hit the big red button - hmm. Hit the statue to start it up and now try the button. :) * By the way, if you set the ducks free before exploding the house, when you {do} explode it you’ll end up with roast duck on the roof :)

In the house near the southern village exit, hit the bookcase. Once you’ve done this you have to go down there to find the 5 extra pillbugs! Press space if you need to pause down here, because you can’t get to the sidebars. Follow the path to the other room and after looking around a bit put the lights out...

Level Six

Just for fun. Hit everything you see and when you’re done exit through the fireplace for the credits! Now you’ll have a new button on the title screen which lets you play the town again, with or without a timer. Go and find the stuff you missed the first time ;)

That’s it!