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Or my D-Mod. Since I've only finished one, Dink Smallwood in the Valley of the Talking Trees. It's small, but still fun to play, and you get to meet the duck from Friends, you don't see that in every D-Mod. There's a secret screen in the d-mod too, that noone (atleast noone I've asked) seems to have found. Nothing much, but if you want to find it, it's somewhere in the south part of the island (valley, whatever...) You can get v1.3 of Valley of the Talking Trees [here->]. (source included)

What I'm working on now is The Dink Hotel, inspired by an idea of Andy M, named after the former website of that Andy M (who's in the D-Mod too!) . There's a preview on [KEWL->], which is pretty good, but I'll use this space to update with my progress too.

Nothing much to update now though, since I still have little or no time to spare. And this is a vaction (but it's a good one).

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