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Author - Leprochaun

Released - March 22nd, 2013

Size - Quest

Description: Moon Child takes place on the Moon. The quest is pretty much just to slay a giant blue pig. I didn't give enough hints and many people have gotten stuck. The walkthrough is separated into two parts. One covers the main story, and the other covers all the sidequests/distractions.

[edit] Main Quest

After the intro you will find yourself in the middle of a darkland-like screen. Head south until you enter the village. Go south and west and enter the cabin. You will find herb boots on a stool. These will come in handy. Exit the cabin and take the path south. Here you will come across a castle-like structure. Enter it and proceed to the room with the little girl in it. Talk to her and advance the story. She will give you your quest and hint that you should talk to people in town. So let's do that.

No one in town is actually important except the old person in the house directly east of the giant well in the middle of town. The lady asks you to fetch her a poem. Exit her house, go south a screen and then go south again through the opening in the fence. Continue south through this area to find a poem next to a dead knight. You can equip the poem and read it if you want. Return the poem to the old woman and she tells you where to find the scientist- sort of.

Let's go find the scientist. Head to the northeastern part of town and exit that way. From here follow the path south. Go east one screen. From here you can either go south or head north. You'll end up in the same place eventually either way, but let's head north. Continue following the path east and eventually you'll see a bridge. Cross the bridge and continue south until you can't go south any further. Then go west two screens and you should see that your path is blocked by holes in the ground. Enter the cave at the top of the screen. Follow the singular path around and you should end up on the other side. Go west a screen and you should see what looks like a closed spiker(it's actually a button). Hit it. Go back the way you came until you find a ladder/shelf on the hillside. Walk up it and then go west. When you can go north or south, go north and west. You should see a savebot on this screen. Go south on this screen. You'll find an archway and stone structure. Enter the archway and go down either staircase. You'll find the scientist down here. Talk to him and he'll tell you he needs some pig feed.

Let's find the pig feed. Go back up to the surface and then go northwest. There you'll see an empty treasure chest. Walk into it to get warped back to the start. From here head back into the town. In the northeastern part of town there is a bar. It should be easy to spot as there's a rock with a mug on it and a sign with a mug on it right outside. Enter the building and head downstairs. Navigate your way through the cluttered basement. Once outside again follow the path northeast. Until you can't follow it anymore. Go back one screen and follow the pebble path around and to the cave. Enter the cave, you have now reached the cheese mine. Go whichever way you want here, eventually you'll reach some houses on the southwestern side of the mine. From these go south a section, and then go east a section. Follow the path in this last section to the east and the north. There are some vines hanging on the cave side. Walk into them to get outside. Go north, go to the east side of the hill and go north again. You've now found the pig feed. Go south, then go north on the western side. Push the rock here and it will fall, creating a path. Walk down where the rock fell and head back to the scientist. I'm going to assume you can find your way back.

After talking to the scientist again head back through the empty treasure chest warp. Go south a screen and then west at the screen with the savebot. You should see a pebble path going south. This part might end up confusing some people but I'm going to tell you exactly how to solve it. Go east, north, then south. You should be out. If you're not, head east until you come across the rock blocking the southern path. Going north lets you exit the way you came. Otherwise from here try going east, north, and south again.

Follow the pebble path around all the giant holes in the ground until you've reached the northern hill edge. Go east and then north when you can. You should find a staircase hidden under some grass. Go into that and you'll wind up in a cave with lots of thorn bushes. Stay towards the middle of the screen and head south. You should see the cave exit at the bottom of this screen. After leaving, go north and then east. Here there should be a duck statue blocking your path. Talk to it. Then talk to it again. (Basically just talk to it until the only option you're given is to leave).

Go back through the cave with the thorn bushes and then follow the path south. A rock that previously blocked the way should be gone now. Head south back into the town and back to the screen with the bar. To the west of the bar is a screen with a lot of rocks on it. There is a giant rock with an arch on it, enter through the arch. Go through the area where there isn't a wall, and then go east a screen. There should be another duck stature here just below a fish vendor. Talk to that duck statue. After going through the conversation you're now told to go back up and talk to the grumpy duck statue again. Follow the path you came to get here all the way back. Once you deliver the message the statue will slide off the southern side of the screen. The path is now open.

Go east and you'll find the giant blue pig! Congrats. You're almost done. You now have two option. I'll cover them both.

Option One: Kill the pig Doing this pretty much ends the game immediately.

Option Two: Talk to the pig. After talking to the pig head back to the moon child and kill her. Then go to where you found the love poem. Then go back into the moon child's building and go down the staircase.

After completing the game you end up on a screen that tells you what you achieved. You can end the game by talking to the down staircase. Read the side quests & distractions part of the walkthrough to find out how to get a perfect score.

That's it. That's the whole game.

[edit] Side Quests & Distractions

I recommend following the walkthrough up until the grumpy duck statue up north leaves. It's not required but it will help you when I explain where things are.

The difference between a side quest and a distraction here is that side quests require you to go to multiple places on the map while distractions do not.

With the exception of the pillbug hater distraction, I'm only covering things that affect the score at the end of the game. There are many other things to interact with, they just don't affect the score you'll receive at the end of the game.

These are sorted in order of appearance/ability to begin.

Distraction: P177BUG H4T3R Start: Southeast from the starting screen is a screen with a note on it. It warns you not to hit the pillbug nest. Hitting the rock just north of the note summons a pillbug. The pillbugs get stronger and larger as you level up. They become fairly difficult later on and I recommend getting either the light sword and the armor if you feel like leveling. You'll definitely need to be a high level if you wish to fight Larry.

Distraction: Celsius 232.778 Start: Talk to the south-western most bookcase in the room with the moon child and select the "set them on fire" option.

Quest: Cannibalism and Healthy Alternatives Start: In the area underneath the town go into the building, up the stairs, and up the ladder. You should find yourself on the roof. Go west a screen and talk to the guy through the fence. After starting this, go back down the ladder and down the stairs on the west side of the room. Talk to the old man here and warn him. From here go back up the stairs and through the opening in the wall to the left of the ladder. You'll wind up outside. Go through both archs to the north to wind up at the garden. Talk to the goblin and he'll give you the bag of infinite vegetables. Go back into the building and talk to the man on the roof again. He'll tell you to put the vegetables into the food supply. Depending on the version you're playing you might end up being allowed to leave the bag of veggies and be done with the quest, but let's not do that because that's no fun. Go back down the ladder and then down the southern staircase. Here you'll find yourself in a room covered in dead bodies. Talk to any of them and you should get the option to place veggies or not. Choose whichever you want, however you only get rewarded if you choose to slyly hide veggies, so do that one. After doing so go talk to the man on the roof again. Then go down the ladder, and you should see a screen with people whose faces have exploded. Well- their faces just have blood covering them but whatever. Go back up and talk to the man on the roof again. He'll give you a reward. Gold is useless in this game so don't pick that. Pick the stat boost It'll come in handy. The quest hints aren't very specific and won't really help. This quest is now complete.

Distraction: Bomb Whisperer Start: On the path to the love poem you should see a rock with a bomb right next to it. Talk to it and choose to activate it.

Distraction: A Mathlete Named Magicman Start: You may have noticed a staircase on the southern side of town but were unable to reach it. Just south of the eastern exit of town is an opening in the fence. Go through it and south around the house then continue west. You've now reached the staircase. Talk to the twin-headed goblin and make sure to select "A. -X" on your first try. If you don't choose the correct answer on your first try you won't be able to get a perfect score.

Side Quest: ASDF is My Native Language Start: There's no defined start. The quest simply requires you to have five interactions that were pulled from asdf.

  • I Like Trains: The train lady lives in the southeastern area of town. She lives in the house with the unreachable golden heart inside. Talk to her.
  • Pie Flavor: This can be found in the highest point in the southern hills. That's the area you have to navigate through to get to the scientist. In the highest section there's a hole in the ground with some grass covering it. Entering the hole will send you to a screen with a king and lots of food on it. Talk to the pie in the southwest corner.
  • Pointless Button: This can be found north of the cheese mines. It's on the same screen as the pig feed and should be easy to spot as there's a sign right above it. Talk to it to push it.
  • Tree Powers Activate: This can be found in the northwestern-most corner of the entire map. Talk to the guy in the gold armor.
  • Die Potato!: If you go northeast of the castle in the western area of the map you should come across a hole in the ground with arrows protruding out of it. Climb down it. You'll end up in a weird place. Go east a screen and enter the house. Talk to the table with the bread on it.

Side Quest: Whoever Heard of a Duck Re-header? Start: The quest can start one of two ways, you can either find a duck head and pick it up, or talk to the headless duck. The first duck head can be found on the sceen east of the east exit of town. The headless duck can be found on the screen just below the head. The quest requires you to collect five duck heads and bring them to the headless duck. You can give the duck the heads you find, or destroy them in front of him. It doesn't really matter what you choose.

  • I already covered the first head's location.
  • The second head can be found in the cave you have to go through to hit the button.
  • The third head can be found after going through the bar's basement. Go north two screen and east one screen. The head is next to bloody cave entrance.
  • The fourth head can be found by the western wall of the castle in the south-westernmost part of the map.
  • The fifth head can be found on the screen just before the giant blue pig.

Distraction: Killer of Giants Start: North of the church east of town is a hole with some grass attempting to hide it. Walk into the hole and talk to the rock golem/giant.

Distraction: Wishes Do Come True. Start: South of the church, east of the screen with the headless duck. There is a hole in the rocks with some grass trying to hide it. Enter it and talk to the fairy.

Side Quest: Best Friends Forever Club Start: Enter the church east of town. Hit the bookcase a few times. Go down the hole on the eastern side of the room. Talk to the wizard. All right, this quest requires you to go into the cave where you found the third duck head. It can be found after going through the bar's basement. Go north two screen and east one screen. Enter the cave. Go wast a screen and then through the arch. Exit through the arch. Go east two screen and climb up the burned tree. Go through the cave entrance. Exit through the stairs and talk to the wizard. Tell him the other wizards melted his iceland. Climb back down the burned tree, and go west two screens. The other wizards should shoot fireballs at each other. Return to the wizard who lives underneath the church. You'll get some stuff that helps block magic. An absolute necessity if you plan to fight Larry.

Distraction: Killer of Blind Dragons Start: In the southern hills on the screen with the button you have to hit. On the other side of the rocks there is a pebble path that leads off the map a bit. Head into that and you should find yourself in a weird cave. Go to the end of the cave and kill the dragon. It's got 30 defense and 100 hitpoints, but it can't hurt you. You'll probably need the light sword before you can hurt it.

  • I wouldn't recommend doing this until after completing the "fun with fire" quest. As that quest won't be completable once you kill the dragon.

Side Quest: The Holy Zord Start: After leaving the basement of the bar, go northwest and talk to the leprechaun sitting on a rock. To find the requested pot, go two screens west of the grumpy duck statue then go north once. Enter the strange looking building and you should find the pot just left of the eastern cell. Return to the leprechaun and you'll receive the light zord.

Distraction: A Goblin Named George Start: Remember the hole you crawled into and killed the rock golem/giant in? From the northern side of that hill, go north one screen and east another. Alternatively if you're following the path that leads to the cheese mines when you see a screen with the pole on it, go east one screen. On this screen there is a hole very well hidden under some grass. Go into that and kill the goblin in the cave.

Distraction: Armor? I Hardly Know Her Start: In the same cave you find George in. Talk to the armor and select the "steal it" option. It starts a really annoying fight. I recommend either leveling a whole lot before attempting this, or getting the light sword. Really annoying may be an understatement.

Side Quest: Fun with Fire Start: Talk to the woman in the northwest house in the cheese mines. After talking to the woman, head south a section. Go west a screen then south through the arch. Talk to the dead dragon on the giant plate. Next go to the blind dragon. The dragon is located in the southern hills on the screen with the button you have to hit. On the other side of the rocks there is a pebble path that leads off the map a bit. Head into that and you should find yourself in a weird cave. Talk to the blind dragon and tell it about the dead dragon in the mine. Head back to the mine. You only have to step inside the mine to complete the quest. But might as well walk around and enjoy seeing the whole place burning.

Main Quest Bonus: Poisoning Piggies in the Park Start: West of the savebot at the screen below the starting screen. South through the annoyingly confusing teleporty path. South again. West two screens. Talk to the glowing well. Choose the option to taint pig feed. When finding the screen with the pig, you can end the game by using the pig feed. The giant blue pig will eat it and die. It's a secret way to end the game and must be done to get the maximum score.

Distraction: I Fought the Blues, and the Blues Lost Start: In the southwestern most corner of the map walk into the top side of the rocks. There's actually some stairs that are hidden extremely well there. Follow the underground path and go up the stairs on the other end. You'll wind up on an island with a blue pig. Talk to it. Then hit it 15 times.

Distraction: Mmm Drugs Start: South of the castle in the western area of the map. Cross the bridge on the screen with the savebot on it. Talk to the Avoca at the top of the screen.

Distraction: Finding God Start: From the avocado you blaze up with, go south and follow the path east. Take either path here. On the screen that lacks a tree walk west where the pebbles are. There is a hardness hole. Walk up to the crazy stuff and talk to it.

Distraction: It's Always to the Death with Me. Start: Starting from the northwestern most corner of the map, head east two screens. You'll find a hole in the ground with some grass over it. Enter it and talk to the goblin. This is a really tough fight. You'll probably need both the armor and the light sword for this. Leveling up a bit would also help.

Distraction: Be Wary of Scary Larry Start: This can only be done after getting the duck statue up north to move out of the way. On the eastern exit of town where the guy who spouts random stuff is fenced in there is now a magic circle. Part of the fence in the northern section has also disappeared. Go around, enter the fenced area, and talk to the magic circle. It'll warp you to a new place. Go west and fight larry, the toughest enemy in the whole game. Make sure you have the armor, the light sword, and the magic resist. You'll also probably want to be level 10 or so and have both the stat boosts from the cannibal and the avoca.

That's it. Hope you enjoyed it. If the walkthrough doesn't cover something well enough and you're still stuck on something you can send me(leprochaun) a private message and I'll do my best to explain it to you.

Walkthrough written by Leprochaun

Walkthrough written on July 16, 2014

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