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Lost Forest Romp was made by Scratcher in 2012. It may be downloaded from here. At the time of writing it does not work properly on Dink 1.09.


[edit] Start

Walk down and then up a few times until you reach the village. Talk to all of the sisters, but make sure you get the healing elixir in the pub upstairs before you talk to all of them. After you wake up go south and save if you want to, then go right. When the battle starts, go and get the sword in the corner and use it to defeat the beast. Take the gold then go back and hack away the thorns.

[edit] The Village and the goblin

Back at the village you should first go into the inn and upstairs to get the Hellfire scroll and read the note under the other bed for directions through the forest. The pub may be opened by hitting the door with your sword. Kill the slimes and take the alcohol bottle. Go back to the remains of the other house and you'll see a goblin. Give him the alcohol bottle by setting it as your active item and talking to him. You'll get 200 experience points and you'll be able to take the bombs without disturbing him. Outside you'll also be able to pick up the sack of feed. The brown slimes may be stepped upon to kill them, but the blue ones must be dispatched by the usual methods. You'll probably have to use Ultimate Cheat because there's nowhere apparent to heal yourself.

Blow up the rock nearby and break the crate to find the duck who will start following you around. From now on you'll need to protect the duck from harm. If Ronan the duck dies by being hit by a bonca or by you before you reach the crossing, you must reload your saved game or alternately go back to where you found him to get another duck.

[edit] The Crossing

Now you'll have to go down six screens, then up twice, then down. You should see a dead slayer and a pole. Talk to it to find out about the Dread Hags and then go a screen up. You'll reach a bridge. Upon crossing the bridge a dragon will show up and admire your fine-looking duck. If you don't give up the duck you'll end up in an incredibly difficult fight. Afterwards go up and to the left for a megapotion.

[edit] The Castle and the end

Walk around a bit until you find a castle. The door is locked but you can climb up the vines instead. Go downstairs and get the sword and throwing axe. The basement is full of ducks. Unlock the door and then go north. Talk to the fairy and then go north and look at the spikes. Go back to the tower and get the armour from one of the suits.

Go north and you'll encounter the hags. After killing them you'll then encounter the dragon. Make sure you bargain with food. After this fight you may go north where you were to see the ending.

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