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Well, for a good updated list, follow this link: [The Dink Network Links->]

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-[The Dink Smallweb->]: Mike Snyder aka Wyndo, once dubbed as the Dink Smallwood guru or Dink Smallwood god, left our scene years ago to so he could work on his online games. Try checking out [Lunatix Online->]. Still houses a Timeline, an attempt to include every released D-Mod in an 'official' timeline. A great idea at the time, impossible now. It also housed a good D-mod authoring faq, and most old d-mods. Mike Snyder also created the first ever D-Mod and many others after that one, including an [Arkanoid clone->]. Well worth a visit for the true Dink fan. The original site is gone, but the link refers to an old copy. Yay for the [Wayback Machine->]!

-[The Dink Darkwoods->]: Gary Hertel aka Nexis, creator of the largest d-mod ever made, [Prophecy of the Ancients->] (which also had the largest walkthrough ever made ;) The Dink Darkwoods was one of the only two updated Dink sites for a long time, together with Redink1's Smallnet. Also created Ultimate Cheat, the best cheat menu for Dink Smallwood. (Template:Update: site is dead)

-[The Dink Smallwood HQ->]: Kevin Kazimir, said he would update his once-great page again, also created [The Slaughterhouse->], winner of the first D-mod Contest. That comment was made a long time ago. (Template:Update: site is also dead)

-[Black Oaks Software->]: Silencer, founder of BOS created one of the first D-Mods, [Sword of Paranor->], and was working on the incredible [Between the Shadows->]. Then he disappeared, never to be seen again! ([Wayback Archive link->])

-[Redink1's Smallnet->]: This site used to be the best Dink Smallwood site around and had everything ever released in the Dinkiverse. Dan Walma aka redink1 released some really great d-mods and add-ons including [Lost in Dink->] which is basically four d-mods in one, and [DinkCraft->], a d-mod made almost completely out of Warcraft graphics. Now morphed into the [Dink Network->].

-[O.S.T. Productions->]: Used to be maintained by Anders and located in Sweden, OSTP promised a lot, but only already released an interesting beta of a Dink-C editor.

-[Tim's Dink Avenue->]: Tim Maurer aka Coconut Monkey, was once feared ( :) for releasing low points in the Dink Smallwood history, such as The Dink Smallwood Forever Trilogy (unavailable for download), made a comeback with the much better [End of the World->] D-Mod. Upon leaving the Dink scene, he turned his site over to Bunniemaster.

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- [Official Dink Smallwood Message Board->]: The most popular forum

- [Dink Smallwood Support Page->]: Rtsoft's Dink help page

- [RTsoft->]: Needs no description, all hail to the makers of Dink Smallwood!

{{{Personal/Miscellannous Links}}}

- [Penny Arcade->]: Dukie's favorite webcomic.

- [Steve>] : It's time to grow!

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