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If there is no walkthrough for a DMOD, or if something isn't explained clearly there are a few avenues to choose.

First of all, if you can't get past a certain point in the game, a good idea would be to go onto The Dink Network forum. First of all use the search box in the top right with the name of your DMod and your problem as it may be a common thing that many people have had trouble with. If after searching you find your problem to be unique you may want to start a new forum thread about your problem. You don't have to be a registered member and you can post anonymously if you like.

When you're creating a new topic remember to choose File Discussion and pick the relevant file and in the subject field put something pertaining to your problem. Don't write vague crap like "PROBLEM WITH THE SCARY BEAST", instead describe it briefly by saying something like "Can't kill the scary beast in The Scary Beast" with exact details of your problem such as where you're up to, which screen you're on, and what actions you just did which tells people more about your problem meaning they're more likely to help you. Once you've solved your problem and finished the game, why not try writing a walkthrough? :D

Otherwise there are often videos of recorded playthrough on YouTube and other video sites. The channel DinkSmallwoodPT contains a great number of them made by forum members.

If you want instant help with something, try #dinksmallwood on Freenode. Make sure you have an IRC client such as ChatZilla, mIRC or Hexchat first. Otherwise you can use Freenode's Webchat to connect and start talking.

If you're using Dink Smallwood HD and a crash occurs you may want to post it on the official RTSoft message board along with a save file and the name of the Dmod you were playing in order to help find bugs in Dink HD.

If you're having difficulty with something on this site, send a message to The Administrator and wait for a reply :D.

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