Historical Hero II: Armageddon

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This is a 100% Walkthrough for Historical Hero 2: Armageddon. If you feel stuck, dumbstruck, are seeking some interesting information, or are just plain lazy, use it. But I'd prefer if you at least tried a few times before relying on this walkthrough.

Note that this walkthrough is only for version 1.50. or later! You can download the latest version here!



Alright, so after the intro you're able to explore the village of Old Tutras. You can walk around to get the "feel" of the game and explore the area. Enter the house one screen left from where you started. Talk to the man and the woman in there to get some information of the current events, and also for some lame jokes. Asking about current events is what you generally want to do if you know what's been going on. Of course, events change when you move onwards. You can examine the furniture and hit it for some humour. You can also read the books if you're interested in the areas of Derlicon (the overall-map).

Leave the house and go one screen up, in Old Thomas' house. Talk to Old Thomas and you'll find out his son has been having weird syndromes lately. After talking to him, enter the stairway (poorly) hidden behind the bottle shelf. After the short scene, talk to the Goblin and he reveals you that Old Thomas has kidnapped him, thinking the Goblin is his son. He asks you to deliver a letter to his father, the chief in the Goblin village. From this point, the letter will be in your inventory, blocking one space for quite some time. Read the books if you want to know some more about the Goblins (note: Goblins will often be referred to as 'The Natives' in this D-Mod). Also read the note on the ground for a clue to something we'll be doing a lot later. In the house one screen West from Old Thomas' house, lives an old woman. She is not very useful right now. You can't even enter her basement, but we'll come back later.

To the North-West from her house is Mayor Richard's house. Talk to him and he'll tell you what's going on. After the initial conversation, you can talk to him about other stuff. He tells you he has a save machine upstairs, so go up and save, because now we'll be heading to the mines.

Follow the path which leads West from the village and continue until you can go up a screen (you can't leave this area yet, there's an avalanche blocking your way). In the screen with the sign there's a cave. This is the Ancient Museum Mine. Enter. Inside, you'll come across Pillbugs (and some epic disco music). You can kill the Pillbugs for EXP. Once you feel like you've done enough grinding, follow the wall from the entrance to the very right. You'll come across a separate path, which is blocked by a rock. Examine the rock and Dink will say he needs a bomb to blow it up. So leave the Mines and go back to the village.

Go to Old Thomas and ask him about a bomb. He tells you to get a new scythe for him from New Tutras. Sadly, he doesn't know about the avalanche blocking your way to New Tutras, so we'll have to find another way. So go back to the Ancient Museum Mine and follow the path up from the entrance. When you can't go up no more, you'll notice in the up-left corner is a scythe. Grab it and head back to give it to Old Thomas. He'll tell you talk to the "only different animal" in Old Tutras. If you look around, all you see are ducks, except for one pig on a cliff, North-East of the village. Punch the cliff under the pig to get him to talk to you. Now, you're about to witness the most messed up sales tactics ever. First, buy a pizza for ten gold. After that, punch the cliff again and sell the pizza for fourty gold (you evil bastard). After this, you have enough money to buy the bomb. Now beware, this is your only bomb, so don't waste it. Head back to the Mines again and blow that rock up!

In the hole, you'll meet some guys who will explain you what happened. After the conversation, grab the gold heart and push the table to get the big red heart from under it. Talk to Mayor Richard again and tell him you saved the three miners. Save upstairs. This is where events change and you can ask the people about current events again to figure out what's going on. I'll keep informing you when events change, so you'll know when to talk to people, if you're the kind of type who likes to go around talking to people in RPGs.

The avalanche has been cleared now and you can leave the village of Old Tutras.

[edit] QUINTUS

Right as you enter Quintus, you'll see two dragons coming your way. Dink automatically hides from them and comments about this very strange occurance. Follow your way until you reach the Slum Area of Quintus.

Now, let's go over the basics of this area. There's one house; the pub. There are two caves, one is one screen up and right from the sign, and the other one to the very West. You can't really dwell too much into these caves at this point. You can talk to a few people to get the current events and learn more about this area. After you're done, enter the pub. In there, talk to the barkeeper. You can ask about the current events and stuff. He won't allow you to enter the kitchen yet. So ask him about The Great Crystal. He tells you everything he knows about the thievery of it. He also tells you that some Blue Knights kidnapped Libby. Oh no! We gotta save her! Talk to the guard next to the bar and he'll tell you more about the Blue Knights. He says they're planning to assasinate the King. Oh crap! I guess we gotta save him too! Talk to the guy with the scroll on the table. He offers you the Fireball spell in return for killing a Red Spider. So get out of the pub and head to the West cave. Before you enter though, you probably want to save.

In the cave are some spiders. Kill them for EXP and for their general annoyance. They are pretty tough so watch out! After this, grab the bomb and blow the rock to the left up. Don't use the bomb on the rock blocking the defense potion yet. If you do, you'll end up having to load your saved game and trying again. One screen up and kill the spider in that screen too. Once again, use this bomb on the rocks on the left side. Here's a trick: try to put the bomb as close to the other bomb on the screen as possible. This way you'll end up blowing two rocks up at the same time. This will make sure you'll have more bombs when you move on. Alright then, now continue left while grabbing the bomb. Blow the two rocks in your way up and then grab the bomb at the bottom of the screen. Head back up to the small, blue rock and blow that one up. It reveals two more bombs. Now head back one screen right and blow that one fragile rock up with one of the bombs, to reveal a golden heart. Now go one screen down and use the other bomb to blow up the fragile rock in this screen, to get to the defense potion. Right, now venture deeper into the cave. Kill the three spiders in this screen (if you find it too difficult, perhaps try punching them through the rock to make it easier for you). Grab the bomb and this time use it to blow up the upper rock. The other one won't blow up. Go down the stairway and and you'll come out the other side of the non-blowable rock. Grab the big red heart and prepare yourself for the first boss.

First off, kill the four small spiders on the ground. Hopefully they'll drop you some small hearts, as they can be quite tough. If not, bad luck. Grab the three bombs and the bow on the rocks (it can be quite hard to spot, just walk next to the rocks and Dink will eventually grab it). Now blow up the rocks blocking your way and start shooting the Red Spider. Watch out! It shoots deadly poison at you. Also try to time your shots so his poison won't destroy your arrows. Luck will be a factor too, in your Critical Shots. Once it's dead, Dink automatically gets the Red Spider's blood. Now head out of the cave and return to the pub. Talk to the man again and he will give you the Fireball spell.

Now that you have the bow and the Fireball spell, you can gain some free EXP if you want to. In the screen a few screens West from the pub, there's a small pond with lots of fishes. Use your bow and Fireball to kill those fishes for some good EXP. You can even gain a level if you're lucky (and patient). Now that you have the Fireball spell you can also burn down some trees. Head back to the screen where you ran into the two dragons. In this screen, is the only burnable tree in Quintus. Burn it down and it will reveal a secret stairway. Enter and grab the letter on the ground. Hmmm... it seems like the letter is meant for the cook in Quintus' pub. So head to the pub again and ask the barkeeper about the kitchen. He now lets you in and you can talk to the cook. Dink gives her the letter and she gives you a side-quest: she wants you to inform Frederik Helmsley, that she received the letter. She also gives you a tomatoe in return (don't worry, it won't appear in your inventory to block any of the spaces). Go back to the main room and talk to the girl by the fireplace. Dink offers to give her the tomatoe and asks her to teach him some magic spell. After Dink *nicely asking her*, she agrees to and tells you to meet her near the pond. So go one screen West from the pond and talk to her. She then teleports you away, into a cave.

In the cave, if you go once screen down, you'll notice that you're in the cave located on the East side of Quintus. But there's some fancy magic poles to prevent you from leaving the cave. Go up and kill the Pillbugs. They should be quite easy to kill now. Go right and open the chest with a small amount of gold in it. Now go down and you'll exit the cave, just below the cliffs of Quintus. Go one screen right and up and get the chest with 200 gold in it. Go back in the cave and this time go left. Save the game and head South. Oh noes! The Disturbed Rats are back! Those dastardly... idiots! Watch the cutscene and after that, BatHat will summon four Boncas to fight you. They're not that tough. You can even have them kill each other as they don't drop any EXP. After this, BatHat will summon himself away, leaving you alone. Go left and hit the button on the wall. The magical poles are now deactivated and you can leave the cave. Head North and do so. A cutscene will occur, and after that, you're outside the cave, near Tutras.


Ok, now we come to the big one. The main town of the game. The town and the area around it is pretty big, so to get to know the surroundings better, let's get you a map to begin with. Follow the road to Tutras and then go to the North border of the town. In one of the screens, you should come across a house with a knight in front of it. Enter the house and go upstairs. Talk to the girl in there and you'll get the map. When leaving the house, go one screen West and three South. In the house in this screen, is a save machine.

Right, so there are two kinds of monsters around Tutras; Pillbugs and Boncas. The Boncas can be pretty tough with your bare fists and some of the Pillbugs are also tougher than the ones before. You can talk to the people in the town and find out about the current events. You can ask about the Blue Knights and talk about the plans of the assasination of King Olympos. You may also run into a few people who talk about an upcoming Festival. You'll also figure out the way to the Castle is blocked until the Festival is fully prepared. You can't go to the Old Goblin Lands either, because the King has ordered a guard there. In the tavern, you can get the local news by reading the poster on the wall and by talking to the barkeeper. In the most North-East house, is a guy who's sometimes in his house, sometimes not. However, don't talk to him yet. Trust me, we'll save that for later.

Let's start off by getting you a few secrets. Enter the house West of the marketplace, and grab the gold heart upstairs. Three screens East from the house with the guard outside, is an empty house. Go down the stairs behind the empty shelf, and there's another golden heart. Now go two screens South of the marketplace, and burn the tree in this screen. There's a chest with 200 gold and a big red heart. Now go as East as you can, until you run into a dead end. Walk around the South-East area until you come across our old friend, Mr.Magic Pig (you can tell it's him by hitting it). One screen East from him, is another burnable tree with a small amount of gold. One screen North and two West, is a chest with a small amount of gold. The chest is hidden behind the most left tree. Two screens North and two East is a defense potion. Two West and two North is another chest. This one has 200 gold in it. You should now have enough money to buy the Goblin Club from the weapon store. If you don't, for some reason, have enough money, then buy the Longsword. It's not as good as the Goblin Club, but should help nonetheless.

Now go back in the house with the knight outside. Talk to the old man and he'll tell you to go visit the king. So go North-East to the bridge (if you can't find it, check the map). Talk to the guard at the bridge and he'll tell you he can't let you pass until the preparations for the upcoming festival are completed. So go back to the old guy. He explains he is sensing a great evil, and asks you to visit the Gods of the Ancients, at the Ancient Altar, which is located under a tree somewhere.

So go West until you hit the water. One screen North of where the water stops heading South and starts heading West is a burnable tree with a rock left to it. Burn this tree and enter the stairway. Go one screen up and you'll come across a wall blocking your way. One screen below, talk to the weird hooded man with the scythe. He'll say "MageFist" and after that he just says a bunch of random stuff. This is a hint that you need to get the MageFist, before you can approach the Holy Altar. Now where could you get this "MageFist"? Hmmm... Go to the bar and talk to the wizard (J.R.) there. He agrees to teach the MageFist to you, but he wants 1000 gold pieces in return. Here you can decide whether you want to grind those 1000 gold pieces for yourself, or do you wish to take the easy way out. In the North-East house, there is a guy who is willing to buy your bow for 1000 gold pieces. That will give you those 1000 gold pieces, but the next boss will become harder without the bow. The boss will not be impossible, but becomes a lot harder and much more frustrating. So personally I'd grind myself that gold and only sell the bow afterwards. But if you do decide to sell it, then be sure to sell it for 1000 gold. If you sell it for less, you won't get as much money and if you sell it for more, he won't agree to purchase it. And you'll only get the option to sell it once (even if you pick the 'don't sell' option). After you've sold/not sold him the bow, you can talk to him about different things. You can now purchase the MageFist from J.R.

Let me go over the basic use of the MageFist. It can be used to destroy certain objects blocking your way (that bombs can't), and it can also destroy weak rocks that can be found across the land. These rocks will give you a hundred gold each and will increase 1 percent whenever destroyed. To use the MageFist, just simply "equip" (haha) your fist. Note that Herb Boots won't do, it needs to be your fist. Also note that this will not increase your fist's attack power. In case you didn't know, there is a map with the Destroyable Rocks locations, at the bottom of this walkthrough.

Now buy a few elixers (around three, I'd suggest). Go back to the Ancient Altar, and punch the wall blocking your way, with your fist. Now approach the altar and a cutscene will occur. You meet the Gods of the Ancients, whom speak to you of yet another great evil ahead. The conversation gets cut short though, as Abe appears. And here we go, second boss: Abraham.

Now, the first thing you'll notice, is that he has a health bar, as will all the bosses from this point on. But don't worry, you don't need to get his health completely away, just around 3/4. After that, he heals himself and teleports himself on the edge to the right. At this point, shoot fireballs at him and use your bow to hit him. If you find this too difficult, try going around and hitting him with your club (sword, if you have that instead). He shoots Shadow Stream at you, which is quite deadly at this point of the game. Hide behind the altar whenever he does this, then attack and retreat again, until he has shot another Shadow Stream. Use elixers whenever your health runs low. Once again, you don't have to drain all his health, just about another 3/4 and then he'll run away. After the battle, get back to town and save. You may have noticed there's a doctor in Tutras. He can heal you around two thirds of what an elixer can, but it only costs 10 gold. I wouldn't suggest using him to heal you that much, but if you don't have 25 gold, then use him when you need healing, instead. At this point, you would probably like some Herb Boots for yourself. If you didn't sell the bow earlier, do it now. If you did, well then, either kill enough monsters to get the gold or don't buy them yet. Although the grinding would be worth it. So, one screen South and one East from the marketplace lives a family which... likes to get dressed in red for some obscure reason. Talk to the woman and buy the Herb Boots for 600 gold. And while you're here, talk to the man too. He's Frederik Helmsley. If you remember, the cook in Quintus's pub gave you a quest to inform this dude about her receiving his letter. Doing this will complete the side-quest and increase 1%, although you didn't make this guy very happy. You can also get a new weapon if you go back to the cook a little bit later.

Go back to talk to the old man who sent you to the altar. He tells you that there is a hermit who lives East of Tutras. This hermit can be more of a help. After this, you can talk to the old man for some funny lines, which differ depending on whether you have the map or not.

So leave Tutras for now, and go to the East. A rock that was blocking your way before is now moved, and you can go further East. There is a burnable tree with a secret, in the first screen when you enter the path behind the rock, which was there before. Don't go in the stairway yet though. First, go up and enter the house. There's a note on the table, written by the hermit, which says he's gone out for a walk and will return shortly. So exit the house (there is a save machine one screen North). Alright, now go back one screen South and burn that tree. Inside are a bunch of Slimes. I figure the best way to get rid of them is with the club, but you can use Herb Boots too if you find it more easier with them. Watch out for the thorns too. One screen up is a chest with a small amount of gold in. Note that you don't have to get this chest, you can just enter the screen and leave to make the hermit appear. Although you need to read the note first before it will happen. So now return to the hermit's house and talk to him. He tells you about a great evil awakening and that you might be the only one who can stop this evil, but Dink only wants to save King Olympos and Libby. Dink asks how can he get to warn the King before the preparations of the festival are complete. The hermit explains that Dink may be able to see him if he becomes somewhat of a local hero. He says that solving the case of the kidnappings in Tutras may lead into this, so now we gotta save the three kidnapped women. After the conversation, you can talk to the hermit about all sorts of stuff. Exit his house, save and head back to Tutras.

At this point, you may want to know that the events have once again changed. So the newspaper in the bar and some people will say different stuff than before. Buy a few elixers, I'd recommend about four or five. After that, head in the house which had the golden heart upstairs (one screen West from the marketplace). If you stand downstairs for a while, Dink will comment that the fireplace looks strange in some way. Go take a closer look and Dink will crawl into a hole in the fireplace. In the cave, are a few screens full of Pillbugs and Slimes. There is a gate which you can't open yet. Go to the left and you'll find the three kidnapped women/girls. After a short scene, the kidnapper will appear and you have to boss fight him. He is rather easy, but you still should be careful. He randomly variates between slow and fast after your hits. Unlike Abe, you have to drain all his health until he is killed (when the health bar disappears, it means he's on his last HP). After that, Dink finds a key in the kidnapper's pocket which he uses to free the ladies. Go one screen East (you can't leave the cave at this point). Unlock the gate and a cutscene with The Disturbed Rats will occur.

Now you have to fight Dink's Shadow Dimension Twin, Atraquis. He walks around a little bit differently than most enemies, which makes him seem more sensible than most of the characters. Only thing he'll do is punch you. Those punches can land pretty hard, but you shouldn't have any difficulites, if you have the Goblin Club. If you didn't before, I suggest you have it to make this easier. Atraquis can be beat with bare fist and fireball but he'll be a lot harder. Use those elixers when you are about to run out of HP.

At this point, the events change again and people will say different stuff (not everyone though). After leaving the cave, heal yourself, save and do whatever you feel necessary to do at this point. After you feel like you're done with everything, go to the bridge and talk to the guard. This time, he recognizes you for saving the girls and lets you cross the bridge.

Now, before you cross the bridge though, you'll probably want to get a little stronger weapon. So head all the way back to Quintus and talk to the cook. If you told Frederik Helmsley she received the letter, then she should give you an axe as a reward. The axe is a bit stronger than the club. Head back to Tutras, buy a bomb, sell the club and now cross the bridge.


This new area has some new monsters. Slimes are technically not new, but on the Castle Grounds they're running in the wild. There's also Grey Boncas, which are much faster and stronger than the regular Boncas. However, they don't have much more health. They will try to kill other monsters in the screen and steal your EXP, so be careful with that. There's also a Giant Red Spider (similar to the first boss) to the East of the castle.

You can't go West to The Vacation Beach yet, as the road is blocked due to monster problems. Follow the road East to the castle. You'll come across the guard who was guarding the bridge earlier, as well as some other guards. You can talk to them for some funny lines, plus they tell you that the princess has been kidnapped and the king is very depressed at the moment. Go in the castle and talk to King Olympos. Dink tries to warn him of the Blue Knights, but the king won't listen until the princess has been saved. King Olympos explains that a Dragon named Coca kidnapped her, and took her to a snowy island. Dink agrees to save the princess and the king opens the path to the Old Goblin Lands, so you can travel to the snowy island. After the conversation, you can talk with the minister. You can also kill him for some money (don't worry, it won't effect the game). If you go to the basement at this point, you'll be thrown out.

Leave the castle. There is a save machine just one screen East of the castle's entrance. Kill some monsters around the area. I'd suggest you're on level 6 or 7 when taking on this Dragon quest. Two screens North and one East is a magic potion. Follow the forest exactly 8 Screens West and there is a chest with a small amount of gold, behind the burnable tree. Go back to the screen where the magic potion was, and this time go South 4 screens. There is a Giant Red Spider guarding a defense potion. Get the potion and kill the spider if you want to.

Exactly four screens below the save machine (one North and one West from the AlkTree) is a rock surrounded by flowers. Push this rock to reveal a staircase under it. Enter. If you follow the cave North, you'll come to a dead end. One screen below this, is a stairway hidden in the grass (to the right of the screen). One screen up is a stairway that will lead to the otherside of those cracks on the ground. Go one screen up and blow the rock up with a bomb, to reveal a potion. Now go East and you'll come across three guys and a Slayer. The Slayer is pretty tough at this point. Assuming you aren't that powered yet, it's almost like a mini-boss. Kill the Slayer and you'll get some gold in return. Now pick up the scroll on the ground to get a Healing Spell.

The Healing Spell isn't all that powerful, but should do the trick in a very tight situation. It heals more than any of the current potions, but loads extremely slowly. So if you're in a situation with only few potions left, you should keep it constantly equipped. Leave the cave.

Now let's go save the princess. Go back to Tutras and buy your inventory full of elixers. Leave the town to the West, and you'll notice the knight guarding the path to the Old Goblin Lands is gone.

Beware, there are Slayers in this area, and as you know by now, they are really strong. Wouldn't recommend melee attacks on them. There are also gray Boncas and Slimes here. From entering the Old Goblin Lands, go two screens South and one West. Burn the green tree and grab the potion from behind there. Now, if you go South, you'll come across a fence that blocks your way. Keep this place in mind. Three screens North from that fence is a magic potion. Continue one screen North for a strength potion. Burn down the tree to reveal a stairway. Inside is a potion and a barrel with a small heart. One screen West and one South is another magic potion hidden behind a tree. Geez, lots of potions here! One screen West and one North is a chest with 200 gold inside. The chest is hidden behind a tree. Another screen West and one South is another chest with gold. This one is also hidden behind one of the trees.

Go one screen North and one West. You'll arrive at the Goblin Village's gates. You can't go in yet. However, you'll see the imprisoned man in the pit next to you. Shoot a fireball at him to talk with him. You can examine all the choices, but they don't really do you any good. So equip your fist and punch the fence locking him inside. Your MageFist will destroy the fence and Jonas is freed.

One screen East and two North is another strength potion. Grab it and go West. Enter the stairway.

Inside the cave, you can't go North yet, cause Dink wants to examine some weird noises he's hearing from the other end. So go East and you'll come across the Blue Knights you have been searching. Dink spies on them and hears of their plans on assasinating the King. But Libby doesn't seem to be with them. Dink gets spotted and has to fight three of the Blue Knights. Kill them! They shouldn't be too much trouble. After this, continue towards the other end of the cave. When you come to the screen with a path leading down, don't take it, but keep it in mind for later. There's no use going there right now. Continue up until you reach the exit, and arrive on the snowy island.

Go East and enter the castle. Inside are Spikers, and about all the other enemies you can think of. The Spikers can be annoying, as they always cover themselves after a shot, until dying. You should hit one, wait till it starts rolling again, then hit it again, and continue doing this until they're dead.

Go up for a save machine. Go back to the entrance. Now one screen left and enter the doorway. There's a megapotion, a Bonca, and a chest with 200 gold there. Go back and now go up a few screens 'till you reach a stairway. But first, take the up-left door. Continue this path to a staircase which leads you to a gold heart. Now go back to where the paths separated and go downstairs. Follow the path, grabbing all the potions and goodies until you come to another stairway leading down. However, now head right until you'll come across yet another stairway leading down. Down there are two Boncas and a megapotion. Now go back to that another stairway leading down and enter those. Go left and you'll come across a savemachine. SAVE HERE! After you're ready, go up and you'll come across Coca, the next boss.

Coca is easily one of the hardest bosses in the game. Not to mention a goddamn annoying one. He'll randomly come out from different doorways, shooting fireballs at you. He also sends Spikers at you. Now these Spikers, are STRONG!! They're fast, they hit hard and won't go to their shells like your regular ones. The best tactic against these is equipping Fireball and Herb Boots. Run from the Spikers and shoot them with Fireball. Try not to let more than one Spiker in the screen at the same time, and definitely not more than two, or you'll be screwed! Coca flies through the screen from bottom to top every 5 turns or so (sometimes more often). Every time he does so, equip your axe and hit him! It is possible to hit him from the other doorways too, but that is hard to accomplish, not to mention dangerous and at your own risk. Whenever your health runs low, use an Elixer. The Healing Spell isn't really useful in this bossfight, cause you need your Fireball to kill the Spikers.

Once you've killed him, talk to the princess. An cutscene will occur, which will take you back to the Castle of Olympia. You'll get some gold as a reward for saving the princess.

Now it's time for the Festival. The castle gets filled with people, who you can talk to for some funny lines. You can also talk to the King about some things. Talking to the girl left of the screen will refill your health for free. The barkeep on the right side of the screen will sell you Elixers for 25 gold pieces. I'd suggest buying some if you're running low on them.

Right, so now we have to stop King Daniel the Second's plan of assasinating King Olympos. Go downstairs to the basement and save.

Now this next part is very hard and frustrating. You'll have to avoid stepping on ANYTHING that's on the floor, or the sound will wake the guard. This wouldn't be so tricky, but sometimes you'll step on something when it seems you're rather far away. The first screen is rather easy. There are many ways to do it, but there is a good strategy. Ironically, we are going to have to go as close to the guard as we can. From the stairs, go down to the pig feed sack, and walk at it, until you are sure you can't go further down. Then walk right to the guard. Now move up to the middle of the screen. From there, walk to the right avoiding the things on the ground. It should be easy. The next screen looks more tricky, and it is if you take the hard way out. Just so you know, you're aiming to go up, not down. You can't go South, cause there are guards there. There is an easy trick to get through this screen. From the very left edge of the screen, go up until you're touching the bottle shelf. Now go right and you should get up there without any trouble.

Up there Dink finds the passage that the Blue Knights have dug. Push the rock to block the passage. After doing so, Dink tries to leave, but the guards are awake, so he can't go back the way he came from. Go up and push the bottle shelf to the right and leave the basement.

A cutscene will occur with Dink being very Dinkish, and after that you're in the South-East tower. Here you must boss fight King Daniel the Second!

When the fight starts, equip your strongest weapon and break the boxes at the bottom of the screen. They have a strength potion in them. King Daniel the Second isn't one of the hardest bosses of the game. But neither one of the easiest. He is part of a group that I like to call "filler bosses". He doesn't have any special attacks or anything, but he is extremely fast and has a big touch damage. In fact, I'd worry more about him touching you than hitting you with his axe. The best strategy is equipping Herb Boots and shooting fireball at him. That way he will fall pretty easily. Note that you'll have to drain all of his HP. Whenever the going gets rough, use an Elixer. The barrels also have small hearts in them.

After you beat him, Dink will automatically walk out of the tower and end up back in the castle's basement. Fill your health with Elixers and go down. There you'll meet a big number of Blue Knights. They mostly swing each other to death, but you should still try to avoid their swings. After you're done, head back to the King and tell him what has happened. Dink asks the King where Libby could be and he tells you that the Blue Knights have been selling people as slaves for The Vacation Beach's mayor. The King opens the path for you, and you'll earn 1000 EXP for saving his life.

If you go back to Tutras at this point, the events have changed, and the people talk about new stuff, as will the guards outside Castle of Olympia.

Head back to Tutras and go straight South from the bridge. Get one space in your inventory and enter the most South-East house in the town. There you'll meet an old friend from Historical Hero 1, Mayor Zack. He'll give you a quest: Deliver a bottle of medicine to The Vacation Beach. Head back to the Castle Grounds and follow the road West. Go one screen North and two West from where the road ends. You'll come across The Vacation Beach bridge. Follow the waterline South until you come to a megapotion. Grab it and now cross the bridge.


The Vacation Beach has been invaded by monsters. There are Pillbugs, Slayers and Boncas around. There's also a Red Spider one screen North and one West from the bridge. Because of these monsters, the people are afraid to leave their houses, and won't let you in. The only houses you can enter are the shop and the Mines.

Go in the shop and talk to the Mayor. You can get some information by going through the options, but they aren't necessary. Give him the potion Mayor Zhed sent. Talk to the shopkeep. The shopkeep sells bombs, a Broadsword, a Critical Bow and Strong Elixers. You can also sell him your Herb Boots for 400 gold pieces. I wouldn't really suggest any of these options. The Broadsword is only two Attack points stronger than the axe. The Critical Bow isn't a glorious weapon either. Only thing I'd suggest is buying your remaining inventory spaces full of Strong Elixers. They'll become your regular ones as you move on. Leave the shop and go North and West once, burn the tree. Inside is a golden heart, a big red one, and two hundred gold.

At this point, you need to kill all the monsters in this area. Don't worry, they won't respawn. But they can be quite tough. So if you feel like you really need new weapons to handle them, either buy the Critical Bow or the Broadsword, whichever you are more comfortable with. But in all honesty, I'd suggest saving that gold up for Elixers and future weapons. After killing all the monsters, you can go knock on peoples' doors and they will open them for you.

Go in the house just North-East of the savemachine. There is a Slayer inside, along with a defense potion. Grab it and then kill the Slayer. Just West of the store is a spell shop. The Acid Rain spell can be good when you need an easier way to kill enemies but are running very low on money (note that it is MUCH stronger than in most D-Mods). Hellfire is your regular Hellfire. Brimstone is like a rich man's version of Acid Rain, which destroys targets easily but isn't for everyone. At this point, I'd suggest getting Hellfire, then buying Brimstone afterwards when you have gathered more money.

Now head to the Mines. The two guards in the hallway are an excellent target to test your new spells on. Kill them and they drop some money. Go right and talk to the guard there. The guard won't let you enter in the Mines, but Libby is there, so we need to get there! Go back out and go in the most East house located at The Vacation Beach. Inside, grab the strength potion and talk to the man, who introduces himself as Edgar. Ask how to get in the Mines and he will tell you of mystical Mordred Crystals, which The Vacation Beach guards use as symbols. To get in the Mines, you need to have one of these. Sadly, the last of the Mordred Crystals are located in the Fyr-Davilin Caves, under the hut of the Goblin chief, which is located in the Goblin Village.

Leave The Vacation Beach and head back to Tutras. Go in the bar and talk to the right, dressed in red. She'll give you a side-quest; finding her missing husband, Timotheus. Go to the Old Goblin Lands and search for a burning tree. Keep this tree in mind for later. Go one screen West and you'll notice someone talking, but being invisible. Talk to this entity and a ghost appears, Turns out this is Timotheus, the missing husband of the girl in Tutras. After talking to him, you'll earn fifty EXP. Go to the Goblin Village and talk to the guard. He's in a specially good mood so he lets you in.

The Goblins on the outside don't like talking to you and only express their hatred towards you. Go to the South-West corner of the village and grab the megapotion. Go in the hut East of that screen, to find a blacksmith. You can attack the Goblins in the huts, but you can't hurt them, and they'll come after you. When talking to the blacksmith, make sure you have at least one inventory space left. Otherwise he doesn't want to talk to you. He has the Satan Sword for sale, but it costs 8500gp. So unless you have grindend yourself to death, I doubt you have that much gold, so we'll leave it for now. Try to enter the big (chief's) hut to find out that the guard won't let you in. Go two screens East and talk to the Goblin in that hut. It turns out he's just a human spy in disguise. He offers you a deal; get him some treasure and he'll talk the guard into letting you in. Now where could we get this treasure? Aha, the King's treasure room!

Leave the Goblin Village for now and go two screens North from the entrance. Go down the stairs and follow the North path. Now remember that path leading down that I talked about earlier? Take that this time and you'll arrive on a small island. Go right and examine the tree stump. It's actually magical and teleports you to a cave. Note that this wouldn't have been possible at any point earlier in the game. Talk to the giant duck and you'll get to play some good old-fashioned duck fight gambling.

If you want that Satan Sword, you'll either want to grind really hard, or then you can use the gambling to your advantage. By betting a thousand gold pieces each round, and running to the Ice Castle to save everytime you win a round, you'll have the 8500 gold pieces gathered in no-time. Of course, you can always lose too, but that's the rule of gambling! Whether you have bad luck or not is entirely up to... well, your luck.

Once you have the required money, go back to the Goblin blacksmith and buy Satan Sword. Satan Sword is 10 Attack points stronger than the axe, and can burn down trees. Whenever you hit with it, it creates a small explosion. However, don't be fooled! This explosion doesn't hurt enemies!

After this, go to Castle of Olympia and into the Castle's basement. You'll once again have to watch from stepping on anything on the floor (geez, those guards are suffering from some serious lack of sleep). This time when you get through the first screen, go down instead. You'll be met by three of Olympos Guards whom you'll have to kill. After this, make sure you have one empty space in your inventory and go left. A cutscene will occur, and Dink will walk back right. Now you'll have to boss fight Abraham for a second time.

First of, your spells won't work that well against Abraham. He casts invincibility which causes spells to go through him. You'll also have to hit him a couple of times before you'll do any damage. You'll have to keep your offense constant. If you waste too much time between your hits, he'll become invincible again. Ironically, whenever he visuably casts invincibility, that is the only time you can attack him. This is also the only time you can use your spells against him. Sometimes he casts Shadow Stream so be careful! This time you have to drain all of his health, until he is dead. Only use Strong Elixers when your own health reaches quite low, since they heal much more than regular Elixers.

After killing him, leave the Castle and go to Tutras. Talk to the woman in the bar and tell him you talked to Timotheus' ghost. You'll get another 50 EXP, and open another side-quest, although we won't be doing that until later.

Back in the Goblin Village, talk to the spy and he'll talk the Chief into letting you in his hut. Once inside, you'll have to talk to the Chief before you can actually enter the Fyr-Davilin caves. After talking to him once, talk to him again and exhaust the "give him his son's letter" option. You've finally gotten rid of that scroll the Goblin in Old Tutras gave you. Once done, enter by going downstairs.

The Fyr-Davilin Caves are a dark maze. You can hear a savemachine -like sound which you must follow. Do note that everytime you enter a new screen, the sound fades a little bit, even if you are going in the right direction. Make Dink speak so you'll know where you are on the screen. Don't worry, there aren't any monsters about, but there are some thorns which can hurt you, and a whole lotta dead ends. The exact way to the crystals is:

-Go down from around the middle of the screen.

-Continue down until you're in the middle and head right.

-Go right to the middle again and go up. At the very edge of the screen's top is a path leading right, take that. You might have to wiggle Dink around a little bit to get him to move there.

-Follow the path until you reach the end.

After this, head back outside and all the way to The Vacation Beach. If you want to buy Satan Sword, do so now. After you head to the Mines, you can't buy it for a little while.

When at The VB again, use your remaining normal Elixers, if you have any, to get rid of them and buy your inventory full of Strong Elixers.

In the Mines, the guard will let you enter now. You can walk around and talk to everyone in the Mines, but all the people are quite unimportant. Head to the Cells and talk to the guard up there. He'll explain that someone has bought Libby from them and taken her to the mysterious Dragon Isle. Great! Another wasted trip! But wait, the guard recognizes you, thinks you might be trouble and locks you in the cell. Super great! A wasted trip and now we're prisoned! Try to leave the cell and Luna appears. You'll have to boss fight her.

You cannot physically attack Luna (oh, don't act like you're not disappointed!). Instead, you'll have to dodge her spells. First she'll shoot a straight chain of fire. Then she shoots fire that follows you where ever you stand. Then another chain of fire. After this, she summons a bomb which you can use to blow the pillars up. This causes a rock to fall on her. Don't worry, her HP doesn't matter at all. You just need to get rid of the supporting beams. Try to blow up two with each bomb. Use a Strong Elixer whenever your health runs low. After the battle, you'll earn 450 experience, Luna escapes and you can leave the screen.


Buy your inventory full of bombs instead of Strong Elixers. When you bossfight Luna, immediately place all the bombs next to the support beams. This way the boss will be over in a matter of seconds. However, this can be risky if you get hurt. Then you have no means of healing yourself, except for the Healing Spell.

Go left and punch the fence with your fist. The MageFist destroys it and sets you free. So... now we know Libby is on this "Dragon Isle". We gotta learn more about that place. Buy your inventory full of Elixers and head to Castle of Olympia to ask King Olympos if he knows anything about this weird place.


If you go ask the King about the Fairies, he'll tell you he's too busy to help you right now. So instead go to the Tutras bridge and talk to the guard there. He'll tell you he can't let you through, cause the Goblins have attacked. He says you should go see the King to gain access. After the initial conversation you can talk to the guard again for some funny jokes and such. So ask the King about the Goblin war and Dink'll agree to help him with the problem. Go talk to the knight at the bridge again and you'll get the option to enter the battlefield. Note that once you're there, you can't come back for a while so make sure you have everything you want with you.

The Old Goblin Lands have been invaded by Goblins and knights. It's an all out war. You'll have to get rid of all the Goblins in under six minutes, or they'll launch the catapult. Watch out! The Goblins are tough. They're very strong, especially the axe/sword ones. Try to get them to hit each other whenever there's two of them in one screen. And use Hellfire whenever you can, too. You can not leave the Old Goblin Lands at this point. After you've killed all of the Goblins, go back to the camp and talk to the Captain. If the time doesn't stop, that means there are still more Goblins hanging around. Find and kill them!

Hopefully some of those Goblins dropped you a big heart, cause you most likely had to use a lot of Elixers. After talking to the Captain, he gave you orders to search and kill the Goblin Chief. Now that you don't have the timer, you can wait for the Healing Spell to load and use that to heal yourself. That way you won't have to waste any more Strong Elixers, and can instead use them in the upcoming boss battle.

So head exactly 5 screens West from the camp and you'll find the Goblin Chief. After the small conversation, the fight begins. This one is another of the so-called "filler bosses". He isn't too hard nor too easy. He immediately attacks you by coming to where you stood and spinning around, so watch out. When he spins around, he does a lot of damage, and he can't be hurt. Once he starts moving again, hit him with the Satan Sword or Hellfire. After a few hits he spins again. Of course, as always use a Strong Elixer when your health starts reaching low. If you run out of Elixers, equip the Healing Spell. It's quite useful in this case, cause the Goblin Chief will spin around, giving the spell a lot of time to charge.

After you're done with him, go back to the camp and talk to the Captain. You're brought back to King Olympos who will tell you of the Dragon Isle. He says that only the mythical Fairies know a way there, but you can not get in their village, cause they have a magical fence blocking the entrance to their village. Dink decides to try nonetheless.

Go back to Tutras. Don't bother buying any Elixers at this point, as you'll be wasting your money. The Goblin Village is empty now that you have killed all the Goblins. If you didn't deliver that letter to the Goblin Chief, you can go take it to the table in his hut now. It will count as same. At this point, go to talk to Mayor Zhed and tell him you have delivered the medicine. You'll get some gold in return.

Head into the Old Goblin Lands. Now, remember that place where you burned the tree to get to that potion? That little spot at the South edge of the Old Goblin Lands, which led to a path with a fence blocking your way? Go there and find out the fence is gone...


So why wasn't the fence there? Let's go talk to the Fairies and maybe we'll find out. The Fairy Village isn't really that big. It consists of four screens, with a house in each one of them. With two regular, everyday Fairies in the entrance screen, and the South-West screen. A shop one screen South of the entrance, and the Fairy leader Seseng's house West of the entrance screen. You can talk to the two regular Fairies if you want to but it is rather useless.

Go to the store. This Fairy sells Magic Elixers for 150 gold. They heal you up completely. She also sells the Sun Bow, which I cannot praise enough on how powerful it is. It's basically a one shot kill weapon. You can ask about the idol on the wall, and also complain about the Sun Bow's price, since it's so high. She gives you a quest: If you manage to please the Great Malachi (the idol on the wall), then she will lower the price to ten thousand gold pieces. That's still quite a lot but definitely worth it. To please the Great Malachi, she tells you that you should get the ultimate fire spell, the Hydra-Fire. But the only way to get this is in the Church of Thoor Davilin. We'll keep this in mind for later on. Note that you have to do all of this, even buy the Sun Bow, to get 100% completion. But if you're crazy enough to get 100,000 gold pieces for the bow, you CAN buy it now. However, that means you'll have to please the Great Malachi afterwards, to get that 100%.

Leave the house and go to Seseng's place. Talk to her and she tells you that Charon, the ferryman of Hades, has stolen their Tree of Magic, and that they can not help you if they don't have it. Dink agrees to help them, and Seseng promises to send Dink to the Underworld, to go meet up with Charon, and get the Magical Tree back. When you're ready, talk to Seseng and she'll send you to the Underworld.

The Underworld consists of... monsters basically. And they're really strong! But they do give more gold and EXP than your regular ones. There are Boncas, Slayers, Slimes and Pillbugs. If you wish to grind, do so, but at your own risk. Go one screen West and keep going North until you'll see Charon. Go talk to him. He offers you a deal. Bring him 3000 gold coins and he'll give you back the Tree of Magic. After this, you can talk to him again and ask about all sorts of stuff. Don't go to the East yet, past the screen with the skull and the crossbones! That's not necessarily a suicide, but damn near one! A couple of screens West from Charon is a chest with some gold.

So you can either choose to grind or go gamble with the ducks again. You can leave the Underworld from where you entered, by walking on the red teleportation circle. Get enough money so you can buy the Tree from Charon and also buy at least 4 or 5 Magic Elixers. Once you have enough, go pay to Charon.

You'll get the Tree of Magic but are teleported to hell. Now you have to bossfight Atraquis for the second time.

This second round with Atraquis is a lot tougher than the first one. This time he has a sword, and he shoots Hellfire. He's also faster. Keep the pattern of the following explosions in your mind, or you'll be grilled. Also, don't let the explosions out in the fires distract you. Just keep your eye on the action. Atraquis' sword shots aren't THAT powerful, but if he gets many of them on you, it will drain your health surprisingly quickly. The Hellfire is what I would look out for if I were you. It kills you FAST! If you're around level 8-10, he only needs to hit two or three Hellfires to kill you. You only need to drain around half of his health points.

Once done, you're teleported back to Seseng's basement. Go talk to him again, and she reveals the pathway to The Dragon Isle. It is located in Old Tutras, the first village of the game.


Alright, you ready to make Dink a GOD?! A rich God, actually! You do not have to do this following chapter now, if you feel like you need more training, or if you just want to do it after the main story! This is all optional here. But it will guarantee the upcoming parts a lot easier for you!

Get yourself an inventory full of Magic Elixers and head back to the Underworld. You can get there by using the Blood Circle in Seseng's basement. Now, we're going to face Hades. But first we need to get in his Palace. There are two ways: Kill 5 Slayers and pay 1 coin to Charon, and he will take you there. There is also another way, which is a bit more risky in my opinion. Taking the Crossbone Path, in which you have to face Hades' super strong guards and a Cerberus. Which you choose, is entirely up to you. After doing this, I'd suggest stocking your inventory full of Magic Elixers once more. Then head to Hades' Palace.

Hades is a tough bastard. Pretty much the hardest optional boss in the game, hell, maybe the hardest boss in general, in the sense that there is no trick to defeat him. It's just pure, harsh, one-on-one combat. He turns invisible every few seconds, but his text indicates where he is most of the time. Do not let you fool this though, it is still hard to know where he's at. He's also very annoying cause he doesn't have a health bar, which doesn't let you know at all how good you're doing. Every few shots he creates some super-strong Pillbugs (Hadesbugs), which are VERY VERY strong. If you're having bad luck, they can kill you, without lying, in two small touches. Try to get Hades to hit them to death. If you go hitting them by yourself, the chances are that the explosions from your Satan Sword also hit him, which makes him create more Hadesbugs sooner. And believe me, you don't want to get any more of those little critters than necessary in the screen at the same time. Once Hades is dead, get rid of the remaining bugs if there are any, and you're teleported to a small island. Don't touch the pole up there yet, cause it will teleport you back to the Underworld entrance. Instead, grab the potions and the two items on the left.

The first one is a Pluto Strike spell. As the game lets you know, you can only use this spell five times. But it is super strong. Don't be using it on regular enemies. We're gonna use it on the toughest boss of the game, cause it is pretty much the only way you can kill it. Now grab the sword. It's Hades' Sword. It's 5 Attack points less powerful than Satan Sword, but it does make you fast, so it's in fact better.

Leave the Underworld, buy your inventory full of Magic Elixers again, and you're set to go. Now it's time for a side-quest of some length. Get yourself 5000 gold pieces, and buy the scroll from the girl selling at the market. Oh, by the way, the events have changed again so if you want to talk to some people, feel free to. As you get the scroll, you'll notice that half of it seems to be missing. Time to get that other half. How do you supposed we'll do that? By getting another scroll of course. Make sure there's one space left in your inventory of items, and talk to the purple clothed man near the fountain. This will only work if you have completed the Timotheus quest. The man thanks you for finding his sister's husband and gives you a scroll. This scroll doesn't seem to do anything either, but wait! There's a brancheless tree South of Tutras. It's exactly one screen East and three South from the marketplace. Go one screen North from there and use this new scroll there. A cutscene will occur, and eventually you'll lose the second scroll, and gain the other half of the first one. Gee, this is quite a "Scroll Quest" isn't it? As you can see, the scroll says "Offer me to the Great Spirit of Goblins".

So now head all the way back to Old Tutras, to the very first playable screen. Burn the tree, go in the hole and use the scroll there. The Cardinal of Retribution will arrive. Talk to him and he'll give you... you guessed it.. ANOTHER scroll!! This one tells you to use it near the eternal fire. Now where could that be? Remember that constantly burning tree in the Old Goblin Lands? Yes, that's the place. Use the scroll there and you'll be teleported to The Ancient Church of Thoor Davilin.

Now, there were actually two different entrances to The Church. First one was at the very South edge of the map. The other was through the bottom of the Ice Castle. But this one takes you to the very end. Yes, all this that had to do with scrolls was just to get you an easier way in The Church. It is the hardest dungeon in the whole game, so it really helps that you don't have to go through the whole thing. Go North and save. The fountain will heal you up if you need healing.

Now, North of that screen is the hardest boss of the entire game. He's pretty much impossible without the Pluto Strike, or if you got a hundred thousand gold to buy the Sun Bow, which I highly doubt you did. Now that you have the Pluto Strike spell, this boss becomes a wuss though. Don't bother to melee combat it. Just use the Pluto Strike a couple of times and it's dead. So this boss is actually more of a secret than a real optional boss.

Go up and grab all the money in the chests, the potions and the scroll in the middle. It's the Hydra-Fire spell. It IS the most powerful spell of the game. It shoots three Hellfires at once. However, this isn't what makes it powerful. What makes it powerful is the fact that it basically needs no charging. So you can shoot an endless stream of Hellfire. But this isn't all. Now that you have the Hydra-Fire, you can go back to the Fairy Village and finally please The Great Malachi. Before you do that though, you might want to re-enter The Church and go through the whole place to get some goodies. It's easy now that you have the Hydra-Fire However, if you find it still too hard, buy the Sun Bow first. Then again, The Church is a really good place to gather the gold you need to buy the Sun Bow.

In The Church, there are goodies EVERYWHERE so explore every screen. There are also monsters everywhere, so watch out! In the West area, in a screen with a Slayer you'll find stairs down. This is where the real insanity begins. The monsters are really REALLY strong here. Seriously, even the smallest of foes got balls in here! Go one screen up. There's a cracked wall there. Destroy it by hitting it a couple of times. Take the stairs up and you'll arrive on an island with a few goodies. Back in the Church, just follow the path the rest of the way and you'll be out soon enough.

So head back to The Fairy Village, examine the idol on the shop wall. Malachi's pleased that you possess the Hydra-Fire, and gives you 1000 EXP. Now the price of the Sun Bow should have lowered down to 10,000 gold pieces.

Let's complete two more small side-quests before going to The Dragon Isle. Buy your inventory full of Magic Elixers and head to Old Tutras. Talk to the man in the South-East house, and make fun of him. This launches a small mission. After this, go to talk to the old woman who lives just West of the man's place. She tells you to go kill the dragon in her basement and then she'll remove the spell off her neighbour. So go kill the dragon.

It's technically an optional boss, but at this point in the game, it's really easy. No problems. You won't even have to use your Elixers. So talk to the woman again and then go collect your reward from the man. Now, go talk to the Goblin in Old Thomas' house and tell him you have delivered his letter, and that will finish up that side-quest.


It's time to go find Libby! On the hills, there should be a cave that has appeared there. Enter.

You're now at The Alley of the Dead. Continue going North, until you run into The Disturbed Rats. BatHat will send four Stone Giants after you. If you don't have the Sun Bow, try to get them to hit each other, and then finish them off with your sword. If you do, they are no problem.

Now, let me warn you! If you go North one more screen, there won't be coming back until the very end. So do everything you wish to do before this part. Once you go North, a long cutscene will occur.

After this, you'll find yourself blocked by a pile of rocks, and can't go back. Go North, save, and collect the Magic Elixer from the ground. That is, if you need to. Yes, that's right, there are Magic Elixers laying around on The Dragon Isle, in case you start slowly running out of them.

On The Dragon Isle, the monsters are as strong as in the Underworld, so if you have the Sun Bow, they won't be problem. Go East and examine the statue. Pick it up. Another screen East is another statue, collecti it too. Go back West and North. Two more statues, one in the open and one behind thet tower. North again for another three. Continue East and collect the two statues. Now, you might find moving further East a little bit hard. Just go at the very North edge of the screen and you'll get to the next screen. Another statue here. East for three more, and South for one. Another screen South are two more, and then the final one is West one screen. Now examine the behind of the big statue near the gate. Use it and the gates will open now that you have all of the 17 statues. Enter the castle.

Go right and follow the path to the end. There's a key on the ground. Take it. Now go to the left side of the path and you'll use the key to activate the elevator. Take it the The Basement. Take the stairs down and go one screen down and one right. Destroy the cracked wall to get to the golden heart. Now go another screen right and one down. Kill the Slayer, read the notes on the table and you'll get a password. Now go back to the elevator and take it to the Gate Floor. Go down and then take whichever path you wish, it all goes around in a big circle. Once you arrive in the middle, you'll come to a blocked gate. You have a bunch of options to use, some of them are fun so you might want to check them out! Now that you have the password 'Arithia', use it, and you'll get through. Continue on.

Save, go right a few screens, and make sure you have some potions in your inventory. Follow the path and you'll come across Atraquis. As you're about to battle him, two dragons appear and attack you both. Now you have to bossfight the dragons WITH Atraquis, and then bossfight against Atraquis.

Once the bossfight begins, Atraquis runs after the dragon on the right, you take the left one. It should be quite easy to kill it if you have Hades' Sword. If not, bash it still but you just probably have to use Elixers more. If you attack Atraquis, he will come after you, leading you to have to kill the dragon. So just let him fight it by himself, he'll kill it but also lose some health while fighting the dragon. Now he'll attack you. You don't have to drain all of his HP this time either so don't worry about that. He'll shoot Brimstone spell onto you every once in a while. It will follow you for a while. He doesn't use Hellfire this time. Use an Magic Elixer when needed.

After that, you can enter the holes in the left and right wall. The right one has nothing but the left one has some goodies. You should now head back to the savemachine. Follow the path and you'll come across Luna, and have to bossfight her.

She isn't that hard. She'll just shoot a big burst of chain-like fire every once in a while, and just runs around like crazy. No problems with her, especially if you have Hades' Sword and/or Sun Bow.

The elevator in the upper screen won't work, as it requires a password. So go to the cells on the left. Equip your fist and punch the upper-left cell door (fence). Go up and you'll find Libby. Finally! Dink tells her to escape, which she does. After this, Dink decides to go after Atraquis and Luna, and end this. Read the note on the ground and you'll get the password for the elevator.


Take the elevator to Dimension Floor. Go up and then right. Dink will comment on the amount of explosives. Read the note on the ground to get another password. Now go left and up. You'll come face-to-face with The Four Wizards. They transform into a dragon and attack you.

The dragon is rather easy. It's just like a normal dragon, only a bit stronger. Kill it and move on. Examine the fence and you'll get through for having the password. Move onwards.

Read the note that's on the floor right when you arrive. It says "...then use the troll of flames". Now we just need to find the first part of that note. In the very top-right screen of the hall, is a table with notes. Kill the Slayer and then read them. It tells you to kill three Red Spiders. So now we know we must kill three Red Spiders and then use the troll of flames.

In case you didn't know, there is a machine in the top-left corner of the hall. This machine will sell you Magic Elixers. Now go kill the three Red Spiders which are located in the hall. You might have to search for them for a while, but it shouldn't be that hard to find them. After all, they ARE gigantic! After you've killed them, just right from the locked gate is a statue with flames burning around it. Behind this statue is a switch. Turn it. Now go examine the gate and it will open. Get your inventory full of those Elixers, take the stairs up and grab the golden heart but not the red one yet. Now go up, to the left, grab that golden heart and then grab the big red one.

Back upstairs and North and a cutscene will occur.

After this, you'll have to bossfight AvoMal.

AvoMal is pretty dang hard. Maybe not as hard as Hades, but up there. But Hades' Sword, Hydra-Fire and the Sun Bow make him a lot easier. You can not hurt him right now. If you try to hit him you will only bounce back, and arrows go straight through him. First he summons Cain-Fire, a huge firechain from each side. Then he summons a Brimstone -type spell which follows you extremely fast. After that, another Cain-Fire. Then Oracle, which is like a big head flying fast from the left side. After this, another Cain-Fire and another Brimstone -like spell. After this, he summons two dragons, which are a little less harder then The Four Wizards dragon. Easy deal with your super weapons. If you don't have those, try to bash them really fast, so you'll get rid of them before AvoMal begins his second round. Whenever your health starts reaching slow, use a Magic Elixer. Instead of hurting him, you are going to have to kill ten of his dragons, and any possible remaining ones afterwards. Ater you've done this, a short cutscene occurs, your health will increase and refill. You'll be teleported to The Tower of Clouds, where the second round against AvoMal begins!

Watch out! On the second round AvoMal walks. He hits you with his staff, shoots fireball. Once in a while, he will use his Brimstone -like spell on you and after that an Oracle, so beware! The rain and the thunder make it even harder by sometimes blocking your view. Just try to keep constantly moving. Don't waste Magic Elixers unless you really need to use them. Once again, if you have Sun Bow, Hades' Sword or/and Hydra-Fire it really makes this easier. After the battle, walk to the mid-part between the poles and you'll be teleported back in.

So Dink decides to blow the entire Dragon Isle up to prevent anyone from ever coming back to do their evil again. Buy yourself some more Elixers from the machine on the Dimension Floor and head back to the room with all the explosives. After this, continue your way out.

Right as you're about to leave Atraquis appears again, this time calling himself Horus, the Third Dragon King. Now you'll have to fight him, the final boss... Horus!

Horus isn't as hard as AvoMal, but there are certain parts about the fight that bring different kinds of difficulties in it. First of all, he clones himself. All of these clones shoot Hellfire. Next thing he shoots his Brimstone spell at you, and after everytime he has done this, he summons another clone. On top of this, there is a timer up there, and you die if the timer runs out. There isn't really any special trick or anything to beat him. Just try to be fast. Good weapons obviously help. You need to kill all of his clones. The main one isn't enough. As I said, nothing too special needed to defeat him, so I'm gonna leave this mostly to you.

A cutscene occurs after this, showing Dink leave the Isle, talk with Libby and end up at Martridge and Nathan's place.

You can talk to all of them, if you wish. Go outside. You can heal by drinking from the fountain. Go west and a cutscene will occur. And then come the credits. After this, you've beaten the main story of Historical Hero 2: Armageddon.


You're now free to roam the map as you wish, and complete all the side-quests and stuff that you are missing. To get a hundred percent, you must first get 99% and then talk to Martridge.

You can talk to people and they will most likely comment something new. If you talk to King Olympos, he'll now let you go see the princess. Not much to see there, but you know, it's all fun and good. The hermit East of Tutras will also comment something new.

Go to Tutras and buy all the books from the BookStore and then buy all the houses. After this, now all you have left is to collect all the Honorgems, Familiar Corpses and Destroyable Rocks.


Collectables include:

-Books (6)

-Houses (10)

-Destroyable Rocks (15)

-Honorgems (10)

-Familiar Corpses (5)

Here is a map showing the location of all Destroyable Rocks, Honorgems and Familiar Corpses:



After you have 99% gathered, talk to Martridge and he'll open the cave on his front yard.

The cave consists of three different rooms: A Trophy room, a Duck room, and an Ending room. Talk to the duck in the Trophy room to see how many Trophies you have collected. There are eleven Trophies in total. Once you have collected all of them, talk to the old guy near the entrance and then you can view the real ending.


Most Trophies are collected by going through the main quest. Here's a list in how to get all of them.

King Daniel the Second Trophy: Kill King Daniel the Second.

Coca Trophy: Kill Coca.

Caulis Trophy: Meet the Ancients.

Olympos Guard Trophy: Speak to Knight #6 after saving King Olympos.

Hades' Guard Trophy: Kill Cerberus.

Hades Trophy: Defeat Hades.

Atraquis Trophy: Kill Horus.

AvoMal Trophy: Read Mayor Richard's books.

Seseng Trophy: Talk to the annoying fairy in the south-west house in the fairy village, after getting the Tree of Magic back.

Ghost Bonca Trophy: In The Church of Thoor Davilin, drop a coin in the fountain, until Dink says "For Mother".

Dink Smallwood Trophy: Punch Nathan Smallwood.


There are a lot of weird, silly secrets, references, easter eggs and overal fun stuff in Armageddon. Here are some of them, along with some trivia:


TRIVIA - The quest where you need to fix the man's embarrassing problem was originally open from the very beginning. But it was later edited, during development, to avoid people from getting weird impressions from the start.

TRIVIA - Everytime Dink enters the screen with the avalanche, he comments "An avalanche!". This was thought about being changed, but never was, because it ended up being funny, with people pointing out Dink has amnesia.


TRIVIA - The cutscene with the two dragons and the entire area of Quintus is based around a dream Skull had.

TRIVIA - There was originally going to be a fishing minigame at the pond in Quintus, but it was left out.


TRIVIA - The name "Tutras" was originally invented by Skull's father, during the creation of Historical Hero 1. When thinking of a good medieval town name, Skull's father came up with "Tutras", which Skull then assumed as a non-playable town's name in Historical Hero 1.

REFERENCES/INFORMATION - In the kidnapper's house, Dink comments on the bottles as "filled with some strange medicine". This is a reference that the kidnapper has been using this medicine on his victims, to ease his kidnappings.

TRIVIA - Frederik Helmsley's name is based on a Finnish artist known as Frederik and an American professional wrestler, whose ring-name is Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

TRIVIA - The girl living just north-west of the safe-house was originally intended to be one of Dink's many girlfriends, in the new and improved dating system, which was ditched later due to Skull's disliking towards the idea and because it rivaled with the Dink-Libby love angle. This is why the girl's dialogue is rather odd.

REFERENCES/INFORMATION - The town market was inspired by the town market in Cloud Castle 2: Scarab.

EASTER EGG - If you try to punch Mr.Magic Pig, he'll comment that he can not be hurt.

EASTER EGG - The "Erotica" book is a reference to the PlayStation game, Wild ARMs. Skull's all-time favourite game.


REFERENCES/INFORMATION - The angry knight guarding outside the castle is based off on the angry guards in the PlayStation game "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace".

TRIVIA - The AlkTree south-east of the castle was never intended to drop its nuts by punching (seewutIdidthar?)

EASTER EGG - If you blow up the rock located north of where the road ends, you can enter behind and see an interesting cutscene with some DDC cultists. This is the biggest Easter Egg in the game and an ongoing secret in the Historical Hero -series.

EASTER EGG - When asking about the queen, King Olympos answers that the queen went on an island where she turned to stone. This is a reference to The Basilisk Smile.


REFERENCES/INFORMATION - The Vacation Beach was inspired by the beach area from Friends Beyond 3: Legend of Tenjin.

TRIVIA - During the development, Skull forgot vision 1 on when adding sprites. This is why most of the screens in The VB have a script attached to them.

TRIVIA - The shop is Skull's favourite in-house screen in Historical Hero 2.

EASTER EGG - Edgar is based off of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Even his book "Terchan of the Stone Giants", is a rip-off of Burroughs' book "Tarzan of the Apes".

EASTER EGG - Some of Edgar's books are titled after other peoples' D-Mods.

EASTER EGG - You can dance with Edgar anytime you want, after getting the Mordred Crystal.

TRIVIA - You can not free the prisoners in the mine.


TRIVIA - After releasing the D-Mod, Skull regretted putting so much religional aspects in the history of the Goblins, afraid that it might gain hate and disapproval within the community.

EASTER EGG - King Zaldemar, Enduramundor and The Great Spirit of Goblins is a reference to another of Skull's D-Mods, The Revenge of the Goblins.


TRIVIA - The Underworld part of the game is very loosely based on Greek Mythology.

EASTER EGG - There is a smiley face, created of blood, in the Ice Castle.

TRIVIA - The Real Ending was only included because Skull wanted to use the awesome MIDI he found in The Sword of Paranor -D-Mod. True story.

EASTER EGG - In The Alley of the Dead, there are ten graves in total. On one of the crosses, the name "Monkeynuts" is carved. This is a reference to the fairy character Monkeynuts, in Cloud Castle 2: Scarab. On another cross, the name "Tinkerbell" is carved. This is a reference to the famous fairy character Tinkerbell, from the Peter Pan -stories.

TRIVIA - Skull was always pleased with The Alley of the Dead, but he thinks that the Fairies using crosses on their graves was a bit too religional and strange.

TRIVIA - Originally, Charon had a disturbing dialogue scene where he talks about raping women. This was thought too grim and was later edited into Charon simply saying "You don't want to know". Skull's comment on the edit can be still seen in the script.

TRIVIA - It may not seem like it, but the boss battle with Coca was inspired by the boss fight with Pencilhead in Cloud Castle 2: Scarab. Even the music is the same.

TRIVIA - The Old Goblin Lands are also loosely based on a dream Skull had.

REFERENCES/INFORMATION - Throughout the game, it is referenced that the Fairies are, in fact, extraterrestrials.

TRIVIA - The name "Mordred Crystal" is a reference to Mordred, King Arthur's son in the Arthurian Legends.

TRIVIA - The name "Atraquis" is based on the Latin word "Atra", which means black. "Quis" was also based on a Latin word, but Skull doesn't remember what it was.

REFERENCES/INFORMATION - The Familiar Corpses are all characters from Historical Hero 1 and the original Dink Smallwood.

TRIVIA - The name "AvoMal" is based on the Latin words "Avo", meaning grandfather, and "Malus", which means evil. Together they can be seen as AvoMal, "Grandfather of Evil".

TRIVIA - The name "Horus", which Atraquis assumes in the end of the game, is based on an Egyptian God.

EASTER EGG - Some of the password options to the gate, on the Gate Floor in The Dragon Castle, are references to other D-Mods.

EASTER EGG - The password to the fence on the Dimension Floor in The Dragon Castle, is a reference to the Dinker whose username is EatTheRats.

Hope you enjoyed! :) Skull

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