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Dink Smallwood is a game with a long history stretching back to 1997. It is important that you are aware of the variety of different versions and how they differ so you can determine which one you should install. The downloads available on many 3rd party sites such as and Abandonia are usually the original freeware versions from 1999/2000. It is not recommended that you use these. Dink Smallwood has been ported to a variety of different operating systems and devices over the years meaning that it will even work on your phone so you can play it wherever you are!


[edit] Dink versions 1.07, 1.06 and lower

These are early versions from either the original retail CD-ROM or from the freeware release in 1999/2000. They have various issues running on modern computers. It is not recommended that you use these.

[edit] Dink 1.08

In 2006, a number of improvements were made to the Dink Smallwood game engine so that it would work on modern computers. Version package 1.08 of Dink Smallwood includes the front-end archiver known as "DFarc" which allows you to install and run addons, as well as the DinkEdit map editor for editing Dink maps. It works on Windows 95 onwards, however it has trouble on Windows Vista and newer. It can be downloaded from here. Those using Windows Vista or 7 may want to use either Dink 1.09 or FreeDink to ensure maximum compatibility as 1.08 doesn't work properly with Aero.

[edit] Dink 1.09 (Dink HD)

The newest official version of Dink Smallwood is 1.09, also known as Dink HD. It is available for iOS, Android, as well as Windows and OS X. It includes new features including the ability to speed up the game using the TAB key, automatic game saving, as well as the original CD soundtrack.

The download and info page is here at RTSoft. Note that for iOS, Android and OS X it must be downloaded through your product's "App Store". Do be aware that it does not have the best compatibility with certain DMODS.

[edit] GNU FreeDink

FreeDink is a free (GPL) source port designed for Linux distributions. It provides many benefits for Dink players such as multi-platform support, inbuilt backwards compatibility for mods made specifically for versions of Dink.exe 1.07 and earlier, as well as the ability to speed up the game by holding the TAB key. There are builds available for GNU/Linux distributions, FreeBSD, Windows, AmigaOS, PlayStation Portable, OpenPandora and even the original XBOX. It also includes a port of DinkEdit (called FreeDinkEdit) as well as a newer version of the front-end archiver "DFarc" for installing and using addons. It may be found at its site.

[edit] Installing on *nix

Installing FreeDink can usually be performed through the package manager. The developer of FreeDink has provided extensive instructions on how to install the FreeDink package. If a package does not exist, you will have to manually compile from source.

[edit] Installing on Windows

There are a variety of ways to install FreeDink on Windows. If you have not installed anything as of yet, the all-in-one package available here installs everything you need to start playing.

If you have installed 1.08 you can simply download and drop in DFarc3, FreeDink and FreeDinkEdit into your installation folder (for example C:\Program Files\Dink Smallwood\). Make sure you overwrite dfarc.exe with the one you just downloaded. You can then use Options in DFarc to change which game engine you would like to use. Do be aware that many of the sound and music files from the original game are either not included or are different.

[edit] AmigaOS

A port is available at OS4Depot.

[edit] Game consoles

The builds of FreeDink for the XBOX and PSP require your console to be modified in a particular manner. xDink may be found on the #xbins IRC channel as distributing it is illegal. The download link for PSP Dink is currently unavailable. An OpenPandora port is available here.

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