Dink and the 4 towers

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this D-mod picks randomly chosen floors in the towers you can explore the dungeons of so this walktrough is mostly boss strategy's.

at start go east to enter the town go explore it a bit and familiarize yourself with it once done enter the castle and go to the upper-left tower entrance(a sign will tell where)

there go down the stairs and explore 4 pillbug filled floors(killing all is recommendable) once you level up it is also highly suggestible to fill magic and nothing else all bosses have defenses based on your attack stat so even if you have let's say 999 attack you do as much damage as on 10 attack.

at the 5 floor you face a pillbug? nah just kidding.


[edit] Boss: Splitbug

This guy has nigh perfect defense and if you hit him you have 2 and if you hit one of them it splits too and so on. the main body starts at 10 hp and transfers his hp to his brothers. unless the hit that lands is the killer blow he will keep splitting and be careful it can grow to be quite a crowd.

once dead claim his loot and go down the stairs for another reward. 600 gold and Fireball magic.

after returning to the entrance talk to the knight and use your gold to buy a sword.

after that go to the upper-right tower and head to it's dungeon

9 bonca and pillbugs floors this time.

[edit] Boss: Mathilda

once at the 10th floor you face a lady Mathilda she teleports when hits and casts harm from time to time so keep following and slicing her up. once dead grab loot and get your reward 800 gold and a magic potion.

talk to the knight again and if you can afford buy clawsword.

next up lower-right and the 3rd tower's dungeon 14 floors filled with screenlocking pullbugs and purple HITTING bonca's

[edit] Boss: triknight

at the 15 floor you face a knight slice him up and claim the loot.

in the reward room get your acid rain and 2000 gold.

talk to the knight in the lobby again and buy a light sword(trust me you'll need it)

instead of going back to the dungeon lets get a real spell shall we.

go the well in the center of the town(and wait you might be in for a surprise) save and talk to it.

once there in the ?????? dungeon go down 29 slayer and dragon filled floors(deadliest of all dungeons ingame)

[edit] Boss: Echo

once at the bottom face Echo a shape-shifter and some shapes have distinctive differences from the other. his slime form is small and annoying his pillbug form is fast his stone giant form has higher defense his dragon form just slice it his Dink for is just looking cool furthermore he has tons of hp so it'll take a while to kill him.

after slaying it the usual.

in the room so some info on the guy you just slaughtered and gain hellfire magic and 5000gold even if Echo doesn't tell the sum

next up last tower's dungeon.

go down the stairs and explore 19 slayer and DUCKS!!!! what are they doing with their heads still attached? go solve that problem and enjoy the mass duck slaughtering.

[edit] Boss: A duck in serious need of beheading

after that face the final boss of the game a duck in serious need of beheading!!! he can do 3 things during the fight summon a pillbug summon a dragon or quack(obviously translates into "Please i beg of you behead me!!!") after that enjoy the ending as you've beaten the game

afterwards endless mode unlocks in the lobby of the 4th tower and you can enjoy fighting all bosses again at your leisure.

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