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[edit] Introductory Help

The original game isn’t that hard, if you listen carefully to what everyone says, you’ll probably get through. But for those who are still stuck, here’s the walkthrough, written by Kevin Kazimir.

Or you could be stuck because you aren’t strong enough to kill some enemies, like the end boss for example. Or maybe you just want some hints. Try our Dink Smallwood Hints below. If even these hints don’t help you, then, my friend, you are in need of a cheat menu. I recommend Ted Shutes’ Ultimate Cheat.

There is a very tiny chance that you’re still stuck now. In that case, try posting a message at the Dink Network Message Board. The (mostly) friendly people will try to help you there. Be sure to explain your problem carefully, and don’t use "HEEEELP, I’M STUCK!!!!!" as a subject, but try to describe your problem in a few words, like "Stuck in Terris" for example. A thank you when someone helps you there never hurt anyone neither ;) Also, you have the option (in ’Forum’ mode) to select the D-Mod which you are stuck in: use it!

Try to help yourself before you post a message on the board though, and please, don’t e-mail Seth Robinson, he’s busy enough already.

If you need help installing D-Mods, check out this page, it’ll guide you through.

One last note: Don’t try looking for Charlie, Pete or Port Town. You cannot buy the house near Dink’s aunt’s house. You cannot find or pick up Slayer claws in the original game. These were plot points and items that should have made it into final game, but were left out because of time constraints.

[edit] Hints

The Artificial Intelligence in Dink Smallwood isn’t really that good, so you can easily keep running around and blasting your enemies with fireballs (and later with Hellfire). If you build up your magic early, this is a really good tactic.

Nothing beats killing enemies with a sword though, so be sure to buy new ones whenever they become available. The hit-and-retreat tactic works best here: you hit your enemy, run back, hit him again, run away and repeat. Try to make the enemy run into your punches and slashes, otherwise he might touch you. Remember, practice makes perfect.

The original bow isn’t quite that powerful weapon, but luckily the Massive bow is and the Fire bow (on the Duck Island, check the walkthrough for a precise location) is even one of the strongest weapons in the game. Learning Bow Lore is a must though, it will greatly increase the amount of damage your bows can do.

Bombs aren’t that useful, they’re too slow to be really effective. Don’t let that stop you from using them though, if it pleases you.

There are tons of secret goldens hearts, potions and chests to be found in the Dink world, so explore the map carefully. Burning down trees with the fireball can sometimes reveal a secret entrance, so try to always do that. Rushing through the game either isn’t recommended, try to level up as much as possible.

Stock up on elixers, you’ll need them for the final battle. If you can’t buy elixers yet, take as much alk nuts as you can with you. They don’t give you that much health, but it’s better than nothing, and above all, they’re free.

Lastly, save a lot, you never know when you’ll die.

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