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Here are some Dink sites that are historical in nature and may be interesting


[edit] Sites that still work

The old version of this site known as "The Dink Smallwood Solutions" which also contains translations into Dutch and French (sorry for not keeping them)

Redink's Dink Smallnet recently resurrected while looking for a ringtone

The Dink Smallweb created by the venerable Mike Snyder who made some of the earliest Dink mods. The site is still up and is an interesting source of early Dink happenings such as the first contest, and the controversy surrounding the possibility of paid DMODS (which didn't happen).

His original DMOD faq

OST Productions who made some front-end.

The Dink Hotel by SuperAndy2000 which contains some very cool DMOD ideas among other things

Unknown things about Lost in Dink

[edit] Ded sites that have been archived

[edit] Geocities

Mimifish's Dink Site

Kory's Untouched Resource

Tyrsis' site including the Dinktionary

Tyrsis again on another URL

[edit] Archive.org

Black Oak Software

Drink Productions

Dink HQ

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