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How to start writing a walkthrough or whatever

So you've played a Dink Addon and you want to help everyone else by telling them how to get through it all? First of all you need to create your walkthrough's page. On the starting a new page page in the Help section it will tell you how to accomplish this. Name your page after the DMOD in question. Here are a few guidelines to follow when writing:

  • Start your walkthrough with a brief description of the game and its difficulty but make sure you don't ruin the ending or anything.
  • Don't write it as one big block of text, divide it into paragraphs and if it's particularly long you should use headings to break it up
  • For secret areas or things that are difficult to describe adequately, you may want to upload screenshots using the "Upload file" and then following the instructions in the Help section to place them in the page
  • Don't be overly judgemental of the storyline or content. You're writing a walkthrough, not a review!

Once you have written it, you will need to add it to the category called "Walkthroughs" so that it appears in the list. To do this, add the text [[Category:Walkthroughs]] at the top of what you've written. This way people will be more easily able to find it.

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