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DinkSolutions is a site designed for cataloguing walkthroughs and hints for the game Dink Smallwood and its associated addons.

This site has a long and epic history dating back many years. This is lifted straight from the old "History" page and documents the site up until 2011 or so.

Ah, The Dink Smallwood Solutions, let us reminisce. Founded somewhere in 1998 by Dukie, this place has almost always been the only website dedicated to the D-Mod walkthroughs. We had joy, we had fun. We moved quite a lot too. In 2001, Beuc joined forces with Dukie, which was probably the best thing to ever happen to this site. But as our lives got busier, the updates got scarcer. In 2005, redink1 offered us a permanent hosting location, as part of The Dink Network. But updates were still far and few in between. Until one day in 2006, when Dukie and Beuc setup a new dynamic website where authors can submit and edit walkthrough (see technical infos below). In December 2008 the website moved without much change to Beuc’s server to ease maintenance and leverage speed from the unused CPU cycles.

The site was running on the SPIP cms software and was administered by Dukie and Beuc. In 2010 Beuc got tired of hosting and asked if anyone else wished to host it by placing a notice on a Dink message board. A user called "yeoldetoast" picked it up and has been running it ever since. He did a terrible job of hosting and continues to do so. Sadly in 2011, the original owner of the Dink Solutions, Dukie, passed away at the age of 29.

The site and its walkthroughs have been migrated to a new site running MediaWiki which is the same software powering sites such as Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Dramatica. This shift was done in order to re-enliven interest in DMOD walkthroughs as well as incorporate new forms of media such as video walkthroughs into pages. The name has also been CamelCased in order to bring it into the 21st century. If you're interested in making a walkthrough, jump right in!

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