Dink's Doppelganger

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  • Run through the forest. There's nothing inside anyway for now, and the slayers and orcs are too powerful for you.
  • Go in the teleporter, and go right in the boring forest for a chest of gold
  • Go to the two houses and into the left one.
  • Get the jug off the wall in the left room of the house, read the books for an explanation of the title. Check out the spot where the wizard opened the wall in the intro. The wall will slide and you can get a sword!
  • Go back to the dark forest, and fill the jug with water from the well (look in the north-east corner and then 2 screens south).
  • Use the jug of water to put out the small volcano above the 2 houses.
  • Talk to the bridge guy another screen north.
  • Look at the spaceships north and visit the wizard one screen west from there.
  • After talking to him, go to to the upper room in the house and read all the signs in there. Go back south and answer all the wizard's correctly (or all of them wrong for a funny incident). The answers are: Mallaki - Massive Metal Birds - Rain Spell - Refused to talk - Technology - Dink Smallwood.
  • Go back the house you got the jug from and ook at the bottle next to the bed for a clue.
  • Go back to the bridge after the boring forest and push the 2nd pillar from the left (push it to the right) to get a blue disk.
  • Fill the jug again with water from the well left of the wizard's house.
  • Use it on the volcano south-west of the wizards house.
  • Go in the two houses, and talk to both people. Hit the picture of the woman in the captain's house with your sword to get the golden hearts.
  • Get the chest of gold north of the houses.
  • Go in the hole, in the center of the pillars and use the blue disc on the blue door 2 screens south of the entrance.
  • Talk to Mallaki, then use the red disc on the red door south the blue entrance.
  • Talk to the weird, shifty worm-thing and use the green card you get on the green door all the way up near the entrance.
  • Go in the teleporter. You're in the Darklands now.
  • Search the dragon's corpse in the huge pile of bodies some sceens to the west and try to grab the blue worm north-east of that pile.
  • Go in the house(the right door) and hack the knight to pieces. Read the book, go back to the bridge guy and talk to him.
  • Use your jug on the well left of the wizard's house to get a fish, and give it to the bridge guy. Oops!
  • Cook it in the fireplace in the wizard's house and give it to bridge-boy again. He'll give you a net.
  • Catch the worm in the net and sell the worm and dragon's tooth to the baker. Give the gold to bridge-boy. Don't you feel like SUCH a chump?
  • Use the red disc on the back of the top-left ship in the groupof ships north of the bridge
  • Give the music box to Captain Morgan. He'll give you some power gloves.
  • Put on the power gloves and punch the bookshelf up.
  • Look around the mushroom patch for the non-poisonious one (down left).
  • Give it to Mallaki and ask him about everything.
  • Go back to Pyramid Isle and into the transporter.
  • Get played by your double like a fool.
  • Leave the church/prison.
  • Read the sign and look around.
  • Find a shiny gold coin (!) for all of your efforts.
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