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This is a list containing mods that have issues with the newest (v1.09) version of Dink HD from RTSoft. If you are attempting to play on your iPhone or other such device, these issues may hinder your progress.


[edit] DMODs that cannot be finished or started

  • A Fish Named Bloop - Incompatible because the shark doesn't like it.
  • Bored of the Rings - Will not install on DinkHD
  • Cycles of Evil - Will not work DinkHD due to lack of palette swapping (Redink1 has released an update that does away with this)
  • Dink Goes Hunting - Incompatible(?)
  • Dink Goes Boating - Requires 256-colour mode to work.
  • Forest of Doom - according to report, you cannot choose or type anything when a dwarf gives you a riddle.
  • Karel ende Elegast - Will not install. Fails to load.
  • Lost Forest Romp - Weird title screen colours and can't be completed in DinkHD.
  • Mayhem - Crashes the engine upon starting in DinkHD.
  • Okaly-D Dink - Freezes in DinkHD.
  • Three Amulets - Uses an unsupported key
  • Tile Puzzle - No status bar or something
  • Twins - Will not unfreeze making the game unbeatable

[edit] DMODs that might be completable

  • Alliance Command - Graphical issues.
  • Broken Windows - Many of the extra content will not work
  • A Knight's Tale(all three games) - Graphical issues.
  • Lyna's Story - Palette swap not supported

[edit] DMODs with minor issues

  • Cloud Castle 2: Scarab - according to report, When the girl with the goblin boyfriend goes into her mothers house, in Dink Smallwood HD, it always crashes.
  • Historical Hero II: Armageddon - according to report, Game will freeze in one of the first fade downs during the intro. Monsters will randomly flicker in certain areas, and some sprites disappear altogether. In these areas, the gold remains invisible when you kill a monster, although the little "sparkly" sprite will still appear. Sometimes when you enter a door, no sprites will show up at all in the house/dungeon/etc. Only the tiles can be seen. This can usually be fixed by re-entering.
  • Bug Mania - Status bar doesn't show

[edit] Issues/quirks with v1.09 in general

Cocomonkey pointed out a few things:

  • Goto statements have to have a semicolon at the end of the line, or Dink HD ignores them. Most people seem to put semicolons at the end of every line anyway, but this was the main thing keeping my DMODs from working.
  • You won't be able to see a choice statement in Dink HD if the screen is faded down. In FreeDink, you can see it fine. In 1.08, you can see it well enough to read it, although the arrows aren't visible.
  • draw_background doesn't erase blood and corpses like it does in FreeDink and 1.08.
  • Dink HD uses different keycodes for some keys. This spreadsheet lists all of the keycodes.

[edit] DMODS that have been tested and should work okay

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