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The canonical Dink Solutions URL is [->http://solutions.dinknetwork.com/] .


Ah, The Dink Smallwood Solutions, let us reminisce. Founded somewhere in 1998 by Dukie, this place has almost always been the only website dedicated to the D-Mod walkthroughs. We had joy, we had fun. We moved quite a lot too. In 2001, Beuc joined forces with Dukie, which was probably the best thing to ever happen to this site. But as our lives got busier, the updates got scarcer. In 2005, redink1 offered us a permanent hosting location, as part of The Dink Network. But updates were still far and few in between. Until one day in 2006, when Dukie and Beuc setup a new dynamic website where authors can submit and edit walkthrough (see technical infos below). In December 2008 the website moved without much change to Beuc's server to ease maintenance and leverage speed from the unused CPU cycles.

{{{Current website - Technical overview}}}

The current website is managed using [SPIP->http://www.spip.net/].

The URL rewriting that includes the language code instead of the article ID can be found [here->http://solutions.dinknetwork.com/dinksols/patches/propres_lang.php-2.0.7.txt].

[spip-principles->http://solutions.dinknetwork.com/dinksols/spip-principles.txt] explains the basics to administer this SPIP website, and [design->http://solutions.dinknetwork.com/dinksols/design.txt] includes notes about some advanced configurations.

You can also grab the "d-mod" used for the old site background: <doc29>

The a{maze}ing background was generated with [Mazesmith->http://mazesmith.sf.net] and edited with [The Gimp->http://www.gimp.org/].

{{{Current Webmasters}}}

- Daan Buckinx aka Dukie

Dukie, a Belgian native, is one of the solid pillars who supported the Dink Community since its first steps on the Internet back in 1998. Sadly he's MIA since 2007. We remember his humourous posts on the message board and his special ways to motivate his troups of professional and wannabe walkthroughs writers.

You can (attempt to) contact him at [->[email protected]] or using ICQ, #1585774

Check [Dukie's D-Mod(s)->131]

- Sylvain Beucler aka Beuc

Beuc is the French co-owner of The DS Solutions. He joined the team in 2001, after having written some excellent walkthroughs. He also translated this entire site, Dink Smallwood itself and numerous walkthroughs in French. Beuc is now committed to the [GNU FreeDink->http://www.freedink.org/] project, a new an improved Dink engine that can be played on multiple platforms, support native translations, Ogg Vorbis musics, has cleaner code - and more to come!

You can contact him at [->[email protected]] or using Jabber, username Beuc

Check [Beuc's Homepage->http://www.beuc.net/].

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