2001: A Dink Odyssey

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If you haven’t played this d-mod, you’re missing out on a lot, I’m not saying a lot of what though ;) (Ps. Not a compliment ;)

Ok, first screen, try to find the exit, just walk around, you might find it. Go down on the windows setup background to find some potions, then go back up and right. Talk to Martridge (once he starts talking, don’t press any buttons) and go right again.. Weird story huh? Talk to the tree and the fish, the fish gives you more health and an ID number which starts with 441. Go down and talk to the white blob and answer with 441... You can go down again now, go past the bonca’s go down the stairs on the left. Compliment the tree for more health, go back op the stairs, take the other stairway and go up three screens to see the Time Council. Listen to them, they’ll give you a key. Back down the stairs, you can use the teleporter now, do so and you’ll see the end-boss.. Kill him and go a screen up. Walk up the the man, he’ll teleport you to Martride, listen to him and the game will end itself...

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